Madonna on Russia: We Have a Responsibility – The Seattle Lesbian

Lawyer for the Russian LGBT Network, Maria Kozlovskaya, thinks it’s great to see support from American celebrities.

“It is very important that celebrities like Madonna or Lady Gaga join initiatives of that kind,” she said.

After a performance in St. Petersburg last August, a local organization tried to sue her for $10 million under the gay propaganda law after she spoke in support of gay rights. The court threw out the lawsuit.

Lady Gaga is also under fire, as a local resident claimed her 13-year-old daughter was subjected to “an imitation of sexual intercourse between women and advocacy of alcohol consumption,” during her St. Petersburg show last December.

via Madonna on Russia: We Have a Responsibility – The Seattle Lesbian.

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  1. i thought you did not like celebrities…Noam Chomsky to you..
    Learn to remember what you have said.
    I cannot do it for you.
    However if you think that Madge is some one I would ever dream of entertaining Think Again!

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  4. Wrong…look at history…they don’t.
    Idealism is fine ……when you are a hippie
    Realism to you…
    grow up Hamsom

  5. And what does Madonna do in regard to your mass incarcaration?
    Right under her nose?
    You complain about Putin?
    US prison nation?

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