Marc Anthony Goes Mogul

Repeating Islands


Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony launches his own entertainment company Magnus Media. The company seeks to empower established and up-and-coming Latino artists.

Salsa icon Marc Anthony is taking a cue from Jay Z and other music moguls and launching his own company, Magnus Media, which describes itself as “a diversified entertainment company focused on developing new ventures that bridge content creation and commerce.”

The company is based in Miami and is a partnership between Anthony and Michel Vega, a veteran agent and former head of Latin music at William Morris Endeavor. Vega now serves as chief executive officer of Magnus Media LLC, which seeks to invest in artist and content development while establishing links with global brands. The latter is of particular interest to Anthony, who seeks to go beyond the traditional endorsement deal with this venture.

“Magnus is a company that is long overdue,” said Anthony in a statement. “It’s simple, really…

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Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 18 ( April 27 – May 3)


Gamal Mubarak

(Gamal Mubarak, son of ex-president, visits the Pyramids following his recent release from prison. Via Youm 7)

Main Headlines




  • Egyptian president…

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MyStealthyFreedom – MSF

MyStealthyFreedom - MSF

“I hate all the fake hijabs, all the meaningless beliefs cruelly forced upon us, all the funny ‘musts’ that have turned into laws. Please listen. The sunshine is mine as well. Don’t be surprised if you see a girl who is tempted to escape from these cruel, nonsense obligations that originate from your mind. The air is her’s as well. She feels hot as well. She would like to spend the summer, pleasantly, coolly. A woman who has rotted under a burden of fake hijab. A woman who is still naked in your eyes besides all this covering. My heart feels broken in this weather.”

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Varoufakis: Greece can get by without a new bailout | News | DW.DE | 03.05.2015

Negotiations between Athens and its international creditors are moving closer to a deal, according to the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung daily. Although it seemed unlikely that an agreement could be struck before Greece owes the next repayment of its debt package to the IMF on May 12, some rapprochement appeared to be taking place between both sides.

Measures such as creating an independent audit court and freeing up the market for natural gas were some examples the newspaper gave of what it described as constructive and encouraging talks that began last week and were expected to continue on Monday.

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Saudi Arabia’s Islamist-liberal divide – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

King Salman bin Adbul-Aziz Al Saud had been known to patronize liberal intellectuals at historical research centers and pan-Arab media, but after becoming king, he has been courting Islamists. The war in Yemen seems to have attracted the approval of Islamists opposed to the Shiites. Within hours of announcing Operation Decisive Storm against the Shiite Houthis in Yemen, Islamists proclaimed their support and praised the new king. The war was sorely needed, as it prompted Islamists to back the regime after its new anti-terrorism law had criminalized most of them, notably the Muslim Brotherhood, Sururis and radical jihadi fighters. Surprisingly, the war also unified the liberals and the Islamists, albeit temporarily, against an external enemy for the first time since the Arab uprisings.

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Ben E. King…. I Count The Tears. In Memory 1938-2015

Longshot's Blog

The Drifters_Ben. E. King

What memories of not only my youth but straight into adulthood as Ben E. King’s vocal talent and music will always stand the test of time.

For that’s how good the songs were all made coming from that golden era of our baby boomer age.

Benjamin Earl King left us yesterday at the age of 76 and although his stint with The Drifters was not that long, what an impact he made.

I guess some would say why not have his signature song playing “Stand By Me”, I’d reply because I had to take it back a little bit further of my first memories of hearing him. “I Count The Tears” just happened to be my very fav. from his time with The Drifters, although everything he sang with them and as a solo artist as far as I’m concerned are all gems.

Clyde McPhatter, Rudy Lewis and Johnny Moore…

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