TIMEBOX, an Urban Trail of 20th Century Beirut

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TIMEBOX Installation TIMEBOX Installation

Short of creating an actual time-traveling machine, old photographs and video footage are all we have to ‘re-live’ our ever-changing city. If images of Beirut in the 50s and 60s make the city look like a radically different place, what would images of 100 years ago look like? TIMEBOX Beirut puts us one step closer to satisfying this curiosity.

TIMEBOX Beirut, the brainchild of Razan AlSalah (concept, research and photography) and Lotfi AlSalah (product design), produced in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung – MENA, is described as “an urban trail of early 20th century 3D images on the streets of Beirut.” Each TIMEBOX holds one archival stereograph at the location where it was originally taken 100 years ago. Passersby experience that same street a century back in 3D. TIMEBOX is latched on 10 different street poles across the city.

The Map of Beirut where TIMEBOX is Present The Map of Beirut where TIMEBOX is Present (click…

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