It’s a Matter of Love

Poetry for Palestine

Your writing is unhinged

Just be careful

Those people can seriously harm you

Aren’t you afraid?

Why do you throw yourself in harm’s way?

Tell me why?

* *

It is not a matter of courage

It is a matter of love


A love so great that every sacrifice worthwhile

All pain bearable


Love of Truth, Justice, Peace and Humanity

Love of gentleness and kindness, compassion and beauty


Love of babies when they’re born

As they take their first step

As they make their first smile

Then from then on, every step of the way


Love of children when they laugh

As they dream of hugging the world

As they giggle when they play

Flattering their wings as they fly


Love of earth running amok

Day and night chasing one another

Hoping to meet by the horizon

Out of breath kissing the sky


Love of oceans as they pound


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TIMEBOX, an Urban Trail of 20th Century Beirut

Hummus For Thought

TIMEBOX Installation TIMEBOX Installation

Short of creating an actual time-traveling machine, old photographs and video footage are all we have to ‘re-live’ our ever-changing city. If images of Beirut in the 50s and 60s make the city look like a radically different place, what would images of 100 years ago look like? TIMEBOX Beirut puts us one step closer to satisfying this curiosity.

TIMEBOX Beirut, the brainchild of Razan AlSalah (concept, research and photography) and Lotfi AlSalah (product design), produced in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung – MENA, is described as “an urban trail of early 20th century 3D images on the streets of Beirut.” Each TIMEBOX holds one archival stereograph at the location where it was originally taken 100 years ago. Passersby experience that same street a century back in 3D. TIMEBOX is latched on 10 different street poles across the city.

The Map of Beirut where TIMEBOX is Present The Map of Beirut where TIMEBOX is Present (click…

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No oil hunt in South China Sea without nod: Beijing to Delhi – The Times of India

“Any oil and gas exploration work should get approval first from China,” said a top official of China’s ministry of foreign affairs (MFA). The official added that pending the final settlement of territorial disputes in South China Sea, China would encourage “joint development” in the region.

The official made the remark in reply to a query from TOI in a recent meeting – facilitated by the US-based East-West Center – with a group of international journalists. The meeting took at a time of fresh acrimony between the US and China over Beijing’s reclamation and island building in South China Sea. According to US authorities, China has reclaimed 1,500 acres in the Spratly island chain in the past 5 months alone by dredging sand.

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Serena Williams rallies to see off Victoria Azarenka at French Open


• Williams grinds down Azarenka 3-6, 6-4, 6-2
• Books fourth-round match against Sloane Stephens

There were 17 American women in the French Open draw at the start of the week. At the end of play on Monday – if rain does not sluice through the entertainment – there will be one and her name is likely to be Serena Williams, despite trailing by a set and being 3-1 down in the second.

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Why ex-Communist Manuela Carmena is set to be Madrid’s next mayor


The retired judge could be about to lead a leftwing coalition into power, with a plan to transform the politics of Spain’s capital

The candidate enters the stadium, fist pumping the air and shaking as many hands possible en route to the podium, as thousands of supporters cheer wildly. For most politicians, scenes like that are an invaluable part of the campaign, a chance to flaunt their supporters in the face of the opposition: but not so for the woman poised to become Madrid’s mayor.

“Rallies are one person going blah, blah, blah and then leaving,” Manuela Carmena tells the Observer. “I refuse to do them.” To her, rallies simply reinforce the chasm between people and their politicians. “We said no to rallies. Instead we held meetings in neighbourhoods and said, ‘We’re your candidates, tell us if what we’re doing is good or bad, ask us questions.’ We gave the word to people – we didn’t want to speak.”

We were unknown candidates, we didn’t have any money for the campaign. I like to say we ran on the currency of hope

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Blatter launches “blusterous” attack on FIFA’s critics after re-election

Sepp Blatter launches a scathing attack on FIFA’s critics, saying efforts to unseat him were down to “English media and the American movement” because of their failed World Cup bids.

“The more corrupt you are, the more bluster in your defense!”


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