The Singularity

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland permaculture 165

I have been on the road for the past two weeks.

Returning home earlier today, I immediately gathered my camera and eagerly set out to capture some of the images which greeted me.

Being away for such a length of time has made me homesick, even though part of this time has been spent with friends I rarely get to see. permaculture 172

Spending time in London was both a pleasure and a shock!

I travelled there by coach and ferry, as I try to avoid flying and the carbon footprint it incurs.

However, this allows me lots of time to do what I love…observe!

Arriving on the outskirts of London, just as it’s vast population begins to awaken and stir, is both magical and awesome, for it is at this time that the birds hold sway, their dawn chorus loud and jubilant! permaculture 147

The occasional fox is observed, slinking home after a…

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3 thoughts on “The Singularity”

  1. I do so respect this woman……
    She has guts.
    What is the word?
    Relating to Deep Inward Feelings Rather than to the Intellect:
    We sure do need more of that …
    Colette told me that we were similar……true.
    I always was a flame thrower! grin.

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