Dutch cabinet approves partial ‘face-covering clothing’ ban

The Netherlands has taken a major step toward introducing a partial ban on wearing face-covering garments in some public places. The move is seen as targeting the full-face Islamic veils worn by some Muslim women.

via Dutch cabinet approves partial ‘face-covering clothing’ ban.

Major fail by Dutch!

20 thoughts on “Dutch cabinet approves partial ‘face-covering clothing’ ban”

  1. Reblogged this on justagirlinbton and commented:
    continued oppression of human rights then… this time by the dutch. great.
    A friend of mine who is an atheist no less, still believes that it is a woman’s right to wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

  2. Continued oppression of human rights….. when will it end?! As bad as France.
    It is a woman’s right to wear what she wants, whenever she wants. That’s it.

  3. Why is that a mayor failure by the Dutch?
    The veil is divisive…
    That simple
    In Rome do as the Romans do
    I do not agree on legislation….
    Any sober minded person can see that the veil is an outrageous and a bygone relic that suppresses women.
    That simple. Yes, that simple.
    If you want to wear it…..then go back to the country that gives you that so called freedom to wear it.
    If I am in an Arab country I dress accordingly, to the culture.
    It works both ways.. your attitude is pseudo liberal crap like some others that I see.
    I do not think any woman has the ability of free choice when conditioned from birth…she has no choice. No freedom to choose.
    So poke the veil up your proverbial asses and get real!
    Freedom Indeed..

  4. So easy – grin. If in England, Netherlands, Spain, USA, where ever, and from somewhere else – you should always act as if that is where you come from because you are there. So, why do English not paint themselves blue as the Pics did. And why don’t Brits speak Welsh when in Wales?

    Not popular for men to wear hats so I should not wear one and if I wear a cap, I have to wear backwards because that’s what all the other guys do?

    Conform! Conform! Conform! Grin.

  5. That is very different to wearing a burka, which denotes subjugation by men/ patriarchy.

  6. The burka represents subjugation.
    Yes, we do have the right to wear what we want.
    The problem is that the burka does not represent women and their rights.
    That simple.
    Veils, hijabs I have no problem with…
    You will never educate men by covering up your face totally.
    It is a horrendous relic!
    It rightly should not be worn in court.
    or ideally it should have been ditched with the chastity belt.

  7. I did state that it should not be legislation.
    It is education that is required for men and women
    You do not see men in burkas.
    Do you?….heaven forbid!

  8. II cover up in Arab countries.. I might not agree with it but it is their way and culture. I have no wish to bring attention to myself. Sad, but true in those countries. it is the woman who gets blamed for rape.
    We complain about the sexual objectification of women
    The Burka is no less than that.

  9. Men in Burkas – sounds like a good reality show. Men who stare at goats and men in burkas a double feature.
    Me, ridiculous and naive? Grin. Neva! as someone says. In your eyes, could well be.

  10. In Algeria, women who work as public servants (police, traffic wardens etc) are not allowed to wear even a hijab and that I agree with.
    But to legislate against anything like that is wrong and xenophobic no matter how well intentioned.
    Education NOT legislation.
    And Ned was only trying to lighten the mood I reckon!

  11. Perhaps ,I meant to say an idealist.. As you know I am a practical idealist.My feet do not leave the ground. The problems that I see are from not being realistic enough about the human condition. We do not go deep enough. We are fobbed off with flakey as in cadburys to you…grin

  12. I’m an anarchist and a bohemian….grin
    I was never into conforming as you know…
    Ned was only trying to lighten the mood?
    Well he failed! hahahaha Rrraaaaaaa

  13. Good to hear Ned…….grin
    You will be exhausted by the time I’m through with you!
    I am not a fan of failure….
    As you and Colette know I am the ultimate flame thrower…
    Learnt it in Goa with the hippies hahaha

  14. In France and now Netherlands, they are not just talking about forbidding burkas, but veils. In the 1940’s and 50’s veils were cool and fashionable when worn by western women. Jackie Kennedy, Delores Del Rio, Mamie Eisenhower, even. The reaction to veils and head scarves on Muslim women is xenophobia and a bit of racism by the politicians. Mexican-American women and Italian women are world famous for their scarves in church or when in mourning – even French women. And sari’s in India. Wearing a veil does not equal wanting to practice sharia in UK or Nederlands.

    Is the wearing of long curls by some Jewish men divisive and to be regulated or educated against because it subjugates men to outdated religious law?


    Done – 🙂

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