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Zankoul was born photographically in 2008. Driven by passion, she taught herself photography and started an enriching journey in the artistic field. During 2009, she completed her 365 project, a personal mission in which she committed on taking a picture every day in a row for a year. She has participated in several local and international collective exhibitions such as the ‘Women’s Art Exhibition’ in Art Lounge Lebanon in 2011 and the 3rd edition of the Festival Photomed in the South of France in 2013. Part of the Shabab Ayyam incubator programme, she was an award recipient at the 2011 Shabab Ayyam Photography Competition. In her solo show in Ayyam Gallery in January 2013, she presented for the first time, her cinematographic work, which was auctioned in April 2013 at Christie’s Dubai.

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Pavlopetri: The Ancient Greek Underwater City |

Pavlopetri is an ancient Greek city that has been submerged off the coast of southern Laconia in Peloponnese, Greece, by a series of consecutive earth tremors around 1,000 BCE and consists the oldest underwater archaeological town site in the world, dating back 5,000 years.

The ancient Greek submerged city of Pavlopetri is visible at a depth of around 4 meters under the sea, between Pouda beach at Viglafia and the islet of Pavlopetri in the southern Laconia coast of Greece, and was first discovered back in 1904.

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