Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

Fit and Feminist

Over the past few years I’ve gotten considerably faster as a runner, cutting my PRs by about a third at all of the major distances from the mile to the marathon.  I’m still not super fast, but I guess you could say I’m normal person fast.  I’ve been asked a few times to write about how I did it, and the truth is that I didn’t really do anything special.  I just followed the standard suggestions you’ll find in any running publication: regular speed work and tempo runs, running with faster people, strength training, a bit of fat loss so I was carrying less body weight when I ran.

But it’s occurred to me that there’s one big thing I’ve done that I’ve never seen mentioned in any of those “how to get faster” lists, and that’s making the conscious decision to embrace discomfort.

In the past whenever I tried…

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