Settlers Raise Israeli Flag over Hebron’s Al-Ibrahimi Mosque

Israeli settlers raised the Israeli flag on the walls and over the rooftop of al-Ibrahimi Mosque, also known as Cave of the Patriarchs, today in Hebron.

The reconstruction committee in Hebron condemned, in a press statement, this measure and considered it a continuation of ongoing Israeli attempts to alter the character  of the mosque and annex  it to the list of Jewish heritage sites.

The committee slammed this Israeli measure as a provocative act and an assault against Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular.

It called on all relevant human rights and humanitarian organizations to take the necessary actions to protect the mosque.

Al-Ibrahimi Mosque is located in the old city of Hebron, few hundred meters away from the part of the city illegally occupied by around 400 extremist settlers, who are protected by about 1,500 Israeli soldiers.

Since 1967, al-Ibrahimi Mosque, like all other Muslim holy sites in Palestine, became a target for the Israeli occupying forces and Zionist settlers, reported the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee.

In 1994, Israel divided al-Ibrahimi Mosque between Muslims and Jews, after an Israeli settler gunned down 30 Palestinians during dawn prayer.

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Oklahoma Recognizes Role of Drilling in Earthquakes –

Abandoning years of official skepticism, Oklahoma’s government on Tuesday embraced a scientific consensus that earthquakes rocking the state are largely caused by the underground disposal of billions of barrels of wastewater from oil and gas wells.

The state’s energy and environment cabinet introduced a website detailing the evidence behind that conclusion Tuesday, including links to expert studies of Oklahoma’s quakes. The site includes an interactive map that plots not only earthquake locations, but also the sites of more than 3,000 active wastewater-injection wells.

The website coincided with a statement by the state-run Oklahoma Geological Survey that it “considers it very likely” that wastewater wells are causing the majority of the state’s earthquakes.

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Women Confronting ISIS: How to Disarm Rape as a Weapon of War | Demanding Rights, Resources & Results for Women Worldwide

Under even the harshest circumstances of brutal occupation by ISIS fighters, Iraqi and Syrian women are organizing to save lives and demand their rights. They are setting up shelters to protect women and girls, maintaining escape routes, providing humanitarian aid, advocating for international policy action, and so much more.

These women-led solutions must be spotlighted. That’s just what happened at MADRE co-sponsored symposium with locally-based Iraqi and Syrian women activists and international experts who are addressing the crisis of women’s human rights under ISIS.

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Embassy of the Earth

fotoThat’s what Carol King, singer/songwriter was trying to tell me in the seventies. Today I really experienced it.

Two thousand Indigenous Peoples gathered this morning in the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York for the kick-off of the 14th session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Then the opening is the drumming followed by the high-pitched evocative chanting of a Russian Indigenous woman.

Fifteen minutes later we are all going through the formal motions of the protocol of a United Nations Meeting. New ‘chair’ appointed, agenda projected, statements are voiced, comments are taken. But, although it looks like a massive bureaucratic process, it distinctly doesn’t feel like that.

The formal motions have an undertone of dedication and determination of an intent that’s working its way to ground level, the place where thoughts become things. This is the largest body of people of the United Nations next…

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