Wheels Down: The President Arrives, and We Are Floored

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Air Force One has landed on our little island.

At 7:31 p.m. this evening President Barack Hussein Obama of the United States arrived at Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport, where media representatives gathered on a platform. On Twitter, excitement had been mounting, with most of the journalists tweeting photos and comments. I thought I would share with you a few of the funniest and sweetest messages as the presidential plane arrived. The hashtag #ObamainJamaica was liberally sprinkled by those who were there and the vast majority of us watching on local television. Even before the plane landed, some of our friends to the west of the city cried excitedly on Twitter: I waved and screamed at Air Force One as it flew by my house. Amazing! Another tweeted: Was that Air Force 1 passing just now?!!!! Omgggg!Another went “all caps”: OBAMA JUST FLEW OVER MY HOUSE FJDKDKDKDDKDKDK 

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Hidden dimensions

Poetry for Palestine


My first son Hassan

Was born on April the 9th


You might think

So what… why are you saying it

With such a gloomy tune

What is wrong with 9th of April?

You have to be a Palestinian

To understand

For on the 9th of April 1948

The massacre of Deir Yassin

Took place

Where every man women and child

Of that peaceful farming village

Was killed in cold blood

No one survived

Except those

Who pretended to be dead

As we celebrate the birth of a new born

With joy

We mourn and grief

Lost loved ones

In our midst

Nothing comes insular

Nothing is disjointed

No single colours

The fabric of our lives

Makes the most amazing tapestry

If you hold it backwards

Looking at the wrong side

You’ll see a mirror image

Of shades of a blurred picture

With loops… knots and…

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