www.german-foreign-policy.com Germans want Greeks to be their new Turks – cheap labor!

Since, according to German employment office calculations, around 33,000 apprenticeships had remained vacant between 2012 and 2013, the BMZ, until recently, had been pushing for a workforce transfer between Greece and Germany. The means of recruitment were characterized as a “mobility initiative” for young Europeans and given such bogus names as “MobilPro-EU,” obfuscating German interests in having supervision over the potentials of the foreign labor force throughout Europe. Spanish youth are also being enticed into coming to Germany with the “Job of my Life” program. The costs of recruitment are shared between Germany’s Ministry for Economic Affairs and its Ministry of Labor – the unsuspecting Greek unemployed are offered promises of paradise. (german-foreign-policy.com documents the Greek show of gratitude here.) (Photo: France 1942: The tradition of the recruitment of the labor force abroad extends back to the German Empire.)

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