H5N8 found in more wild birds in US, Sweden | CIDRAP

H5N8 found in more wild birds in US, Sweden | CIDRAP.

If wild birds were source of avian influenza – all poultry would be dead by now. Highly industrialized poultry farming and the use of live markets in many nations has provided the incubation laboratory for avian influenza and the incidental infection of wild birds. Humans blaming anything but themselves for creating the problem that now endangers both farming and humans, as well as birds in nature.

On Lebanese Racists: The Guy Who Wouldn’t Shake Hands With A Black Person Because He’s Afraid To Get The Color

Sadly, this attitude continues around the globe – not just Lebanon. When will we humans grow up?

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It started off like any other Sunday on Twitter. The masses decide to go for an afternoon trend to entertain their boredom and everyone seems to jump on it. This Sunday’s top trending topic worldwide was #Confessions. Naturally, people jumped on it to divulge their deepest heart’s secrets to the millions out there ignoring them.

One of those was a fellow Lebanese citizen who goes by the name Think Sultan, ironic as that handle might be, with a sizeable 4.6K Twitter following. At first, his confessions were simple:

And then, because Sultan felt very at ease probably, he decided to drop his magnum opus:

ThinkSultan racist tweet - 1 He “may” sound racist, you guys.

Of course, the tweet didn’t exactly pass under the radar. Anis Tabet of Let’s Talk About Movies was appalled and expressed his disgust at what he read, to which Sultan replied with the following brilliant notion:

ThinkSultan racist tweet - 2

He can’t be serious, right?

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