The case of Mehmet Baransu: Criminalisation of journalism in Turkey under way


What should one say if the majority of the media in Turkey report on the detention of a journalist on spying charges in an affirmative manner, some of them even applauding the court’s ruling, as if to say he deserved it?

What would, for example, Glenn Greenwald think if he were to be subjected to such a shameful act of selling out by his colleagues on the Edward Snowden leaks?

The journalist in this case is Mehmet Baransu, a colleague to whom a large amount of military documents were leaked by a whistleblower. He published a series of stories in the Taraf daily based on that information, which led to the famous Sledgehammer trial. The main accusations directed at high-ranking officers were about plotting a coup to topple the elected Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government in 2003. About 300 of those accused were sentenced to prison terms and…

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Tea party may be on verge of becoming a 3rd party | News , World | THE DAILY STAR

Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp, one of Boehner’s strongest critics, said a fierce struggle between establishment Republicans and “grassroots conservatives” is brewing. “The war is on,” he said.

And that likely will show itself in continued infighting within party ranks and between the House and the Senate over pending issues like passing a budget, increasing the nation’s borrowing authority and passing a new use of force agreement for Obama in the battle against ISIS militants.

Robin Lauermann, a political scientist at Messiah College, thinks the “war” Huelskamp speaks of will eventually lead to an open split between tea party Republicans and their more mainstream party colleagues. “I think it continues until you have the fatal error, the fatal decision that does not get made that creates a catastrophe, or the fatal decision that does get made,” Lauermann said.

That could well happen over Obama’s health care program, she said. The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to rule later this year on the constitutionality of a part of the law. If the court rules against the government, Obamacare could be gutted. While the program isn’t widely popular in the United States, a sufficient number of people have begun to see the benefit and could turn against Republicans. That may force the mainstream to kick out the tea party so that mainstream Republicans can begin to find acceptable replacement legislation.

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Shame On LBCI and Lebanese Authorities For Cleaning Fadel Shaker’s Image

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I don't usually use the acronym "LOL" but I feel it's entirely appropriate to the use of the word "قضية." I don’t usually use the acronym “LOL” but I feel it’s entirely appropriate to the use of the word “قضية.”

Fadel Shaker is the Islamist who cried wolf.

It’s difficult to imagine Shaker as anything other than the bearded Islamist who did a 180 degrees flip from a blasphemous man living in the sin of his songs to one who suddenly saw the light and only wanted to sing to Allah, the one imprinted in our collective memory as Lebanon, who’s been present for only 3 years.

History goes back to 2012 when Shaker popped up in Downtown Beirut at a rally for Assir’s Islamists, harmless and fluffy as they were at the time. I remember how outraged people were at the time: what had he done? Why was he doing that to himself? I even did a meme (link).

Kiss Ahmad el Assir on the forehead he did…

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