Hiba Tawaji Wins Her Battle on France’s The Voice

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Hiba Tawaji The Voice

Is it me or are Lebanese women on a roll these couple of days? Rima Karaki is now making headlines around the world for shutting up an Islamist (link), and Hiba Tawaji just presented another side of Lebanese women and artists during her battle on France’s The Voice.

On Françoise Hardy’s classic “Mon Ami La Rose” (YouTube link), Hiba battled 41 year old year Nög in an oriental remix of the very-subdued song, allowing her to show a different side of her voice. Nög, Hiba’s challenger, gave her a run for her money. He was absolutely excellent. The level of competition between him and Hiba has showed that there’s no such thing as someone “professional” competing against “amateurs.” They are all professionals who know what they’re doing, and at 41 Nög probably has a lot of experience under his belt that helped him almost beat the…

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First Lady Michelle Obama greets recipients of the State Department 2015 International Women of Courage Award

First Lady Michelle Obama greets recipients of the State Department 2015 International Women of Courage Award recipients in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House March 7, 2015. From left: Nadia Sharmeen, Bangladesh; Arbana Xharra, Kosovo; May Sabe Phyu, Burma; Marie Claire Tchecola, Guinea; Tabassum Adnan, Pakistan; Sayaka Osakabe, Japan; Rosa Julieta Montano Salvatierra, Bolivia; Captain Niloofar Rahmani; Afghanistan; Majd Chourbaji, Syria.

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SPIEGEL Interview with Greek Prime Minister Tsipras – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Tspiras: That is why we need to put these four months to good use. Europe is facing a dilemma: One either accepts the demands of the people in the south, who have suffered a lot under austerity, and correct the course — or one reacts arrogantly and punitively. If that were to happen, Greece would gradually suffocate. That, though, would no longer just present a financial danger, but also a political one.

SPIEGEL: For whom?

Tsipras: The growing civil movement for a change of course in the south would then become an anti-European current. By punishing Syriza in Greece, you do not slow the dynamic of Podemos in Spain — instead you compel it to become anti-European. By doing so, you strengthen Beppe Grillo in Italy, Marine Le Pen in France — and opponents of the European Union like Nigel Farage in Britain will be very, very pleased.

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Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto to Present U.S. Premiere of Banned Indian Rape Documentary – Hollywood Reporter

Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto will present the U.S. premiere of India’s Daughter by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin, which has been banned for telecast in India.

The controversial BBC documentary revolves around the horrific 2012 gang rape of a young woman on a bus in Delhi which sparked a national furore and massive street protests.

Co-produced by well-known Indian journalist Dibang, the film includes an interview with one of the four jailed attackers – Mukesh Singh – who said women were more responsible for rapes then men, igniting local and international outrage.

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Why Rima Karaki Shutting Up The Islamist Hani Al Siba’i Is Super Important To Middle Eastern Women Rights

Viva Rima!

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The video of Rima Karaki shutting up Hani Al-Siba’i couldn’t come at a more appropriate time for the region. Its rise in popularity happens to take place one day before International Women’s Day.

He is an Egyptian Islamist who is now residing in London after fleeing Egypt where he faces charges for the support of Islamists. He is BFF’s with Al Zarqawi and thinks Bin Laden is to be respected. He’s a pile or hypocrisy: someone who wants to implement the sharia’h… but lives in London. He’s a defense lawyer… but can’t handle an argument.

Out of all people that interviewed him over the times, Lebanese TV presenter Rima Karaki drew the thickest line. She wore a veil out of respect to his presence (even if through satellite from London), and he ended up demanding she shut up for trying to direct the conversation in a manner suitable for her TV show.

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Punished for being in temporary accommodation 

Clearly – leadership in UK now wants to bring back work houses and punish people for? Their pleasure? Because they can? The politics of greed and elitism degrades everyone – time will come…

The poor side of life

Imagine this. Your whole life has been a nightmare and you grew up knowing nothing but abuse. You manage to struggle through this but still manage to have a career and a good job. The person that has abused you as a child still continues so you escape. You travel miles away from home to an unknown place and are after a struggle offered a place in supported accommodation and you feel safe for the first time ever but you’ve had to give everything up. You have to go to the Jobcentre to make a claim because the women’s refuge tell you too. Your also advised that you can’t work because the service charges and the rent are too high. You tell this to your work coach but they say tough we are going to sanction you. As a result this woman became penniless and owed the refuge hundreds of…

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Ethical policing of the internet?

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acpoheaderThe question of how to police the internet – and how the police can or should use the internet, which is a different but overlapping issue – is one that is often discussed on the internet. Yesterday afternoon, ACPO, the Association of Chief Police Officers, took what might (just might, at this stage) be a step in a positive direction towards finding a better way to do this. They asked for help – and it felt, for the most part at least, that they were asking with a genuine intent. I was one of those that they asked.

It was a very interesting gathering – a lot of academics, from many fields and most far more senior and distinguished than me – some representatives of journalism and civil society (though not enough of the latter), people from the police itself, from oversight bodies, from the internet industry and others. The…

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