British soldiers ‘shouted sexist abuse’ at England Women against Australia | Football | The Guardian

An Australian supporter at the match, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “This was a stunning one-off that I’ve never heard before in women’s football.

“They were calling the girls t****, telling the referee ‘I’d like to blow you’.

“I said something to the Army sergeant, ‘This isn’t a complaint as an Australian supporter, it’s a complaint as a woman’. It was beyond the pale.

“He was apologetic after the game and offered to apologise to the players.

“He said they’re just a bunch of young boys, but I have 17 and 18-year-old brothers, I know what they’re like but they wouldn’t say that to strangers.”

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Feeding The Republican Base – ‘Another Republican LIE Goes Up in Flames: Most Food Stamp Recipients are White’!

The Last Of The Millenniums

gop lies



“Twenty-three million households and 47 million Americans received benefits on an average month in 2013”.

“Enrollment declined slightly to 22 million households and 46 million individuals in 2014”.


“Three-quarters of those households included a child, an elderly person or someone with a disability”.

The average monthly benefit per household was $274 in 2013 and $256 last year”.

‘The old adage that conservatives like to slander minorities with, saying they’re the demographic most likely to be unemployed and on food stamps, has been debunked by the hard facts’.


‘According to data from 2013, most of the people who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are white’.
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The Memory of Eden

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

July permaculture 2011 010What is it that makes so many farmers and gardeners want to burn vegetative material?
The same happens here in Ireland, a country with the lowest tree cover in all of Europe!
This is essential for building soil, in fact is the only thing apart from erosion of rock, that actually gives us soil.
Permaculture Cottage July 2011 007Our connection to the soil is vital, for it gives us our food.
apple trees at Bealtaine Permaculture Cottage July 2011 011Those who fail to make that connection are doomed to starvation and loss of habitat.
July 2011 permaculture Cottage 004Loss of habitat means certain death.
Is this what is happening all over the Earth right now?
It appears to be so.
July 2011 permaculture cottage 018Earth is not a thing we live upon, but Gaia, as described by James Lovelock.
July 2011 permaculture cottage 005Gaia is affected by everything we do, every breath we take, every loving or hateful action we do to her. 001The collective consciousness we inhabit is being infused…

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Evidence indicates Yucatan Peninsula hit by tsunami 1,500 years ago

Always finding anew what is right in front of us, if we step back and let us see in a “new” way. Cool!

Repeating Islands


The eastern coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, a mecca for tourists, may have been walloped by a tsunami between 1,500 and 900 years ago, says a new study involving Mexico’s Centro Ecological Akumal (CEA) and the University of Colorado Boulder. There are several lines of evidence for an ancient tsunami, foremost a large, wedge-shaped berm about 15 feet above sea level paved with washing machine-sized stones, said the researchers. Set back in places more than a quarter of a mile from shore, the berm stretches for at least 30 miles, alternating between rocky headlands and crescent beaches as it tracks the outline of the Caribbean coast near the plush resorts of Playa del Carmen and Cancun.

Radiocarbon dates of peat beneath the extensive berm indicate a tsunami, which may have consisted of two or even three giant waves, likely slammed the coastline sometime after A.D. 450. In addition, ruins of…

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‘India’s Daughter’: The Documentary India Tried To Ban


India is already in midst of a raging controversy over a government order to ban the broadcast of a documentary about the December 2012 gang-rape of a young student.

The incident, which sparked outrage both in India and around the world, highlighted the frightening level of violence against women in the country.

The Indian government has also asked YouTube to block access to the documentary, claiming that its broadcast violated certain key agreements with the filmmaker.

But the Delhi gang-rape victim’s father has called on all countrymen to watch the documentary, which showed his daughter’s killer blaming the student for ‘being out at night’.

India’s Daughter was described as the ‘bitter truth’ by the young woman’s father after it quoted the views of her rapist Mukesh Singh, who is on death row over the 2012 attack.

The film by award-winning Briton Leslee Udwin, who produced 1999 indie hit East is East…

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International Women’s Day: There Is Much On Our Minds

Petchary's Blog

International Women’s Day is an important date on the calendar. Perhaps never more important than this year, when the increased danger for our most vulnerable women and girls is on our minds right now. Here are some examples of why this issue is preoccupying Jamaicans in 2015:

  • Yesterday, two women in their mid-forties were shot dead in Red Hills Road, Kingston, apparently caught up in gang feuds. So far this year, at least twenty women and girls have been murdered.
  • On Tuesday, a fourteen-year-old girl, Kayalicia Simpson, was found chopped to death after she went to the outside shower in the dark early hours of the morning to get ready for school; this was not the first murder of a teenage girl since the year began.
  • The problem of gender-based violence is a troubling concern for our university students after a violent attack on a female student by young men…

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