Two Languages Spoken Here #poetry #photography

penned in moon dust

palm dawn

I couldn’t ascertain the jumble

her lips moved rapidly

conveying a nervous nothing

hard and dark were the etchings

that scored her jeweled beauty


his pockets were empty

evidenced by the ragged attire

but worse was what wasn’t in his mind

his hands filled with nothing

he clung to baggies to satisfy


strange languages spoken at the ocean

when you aren’t looking and when you are

the conch shell strives to moan a warning

bearing witness to retreating tide

but it was silenced in a museum


a dog wears an empty backpack

as he begins his predawn duty

he proudly returns with a filled sack

lacking his master’s understanding

how many children will get hooked today?


I’ve never spoken the language

born in guilty bloodshot eyes

I see them as they dart about the shadows

the words are meaningless

promises seldom unbroken


I chose to walk…

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MERS in KSA: Updated Charts

Mens et Manus

As many of y’all know, my pre-doctoral thesis (which will likely comprise the first several chapters of my dissertation) is on the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in Saudi Arabia. I’ve been following MERS pretty closely for the past year, and with the help of my colleagues at HealthMap (including two incredible interns!) and my wonderful thesis advisor, I’ve been able to curate a pretty incredible data set using publicly available data streams in both Arabic and English. We’re working on a few pretty awesome studies right now, but for the time being I wanted to share some high-resolution versions of our most up-to-date exploratory data visualizations.
age_distribution_2.25.15monthly_epicurve_2.25.15demographics_2.25.15A couple of notes:
1) February 2015 cases have already surpassed counts from March 2014. Given that March 2014 signaled the start of last year’s outbreak, this current uptick in cases might indicate a larger surge in the…

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CDC puts C difficile burden at 453,000 cases, 29,000 deaths | CIDRAP

The CDC found that about two thirds of the 453,000 cases were related to a stay in a hospital or nursing home and the other third were community-associated cases, involving people with no recent hospital or nursing home exposure. Most of those who died were elderly.

“Eighty percent of deaths from C difficile infections happened in people 65 and older,” said Michael Bell, MD, deputy director of the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion in the CDC’s National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, at a press conference today.

“One of nine patients over 65 with C difficile dies within 30 days of diagnosis,” he added. “That’s a frightening statistic.”

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Mexican man dies during violent police response to teachers protest in Acapulco | World news | The Guardian

Juan Angulo, director of the respected local newspaper El Sur, said retired teacher Claudio Castillo, who died in hospital early on Wednesday, was singled out by police as he sat in a truck from where he had been chanting slogans through a microphone.

“The police pulled him out and hit him, before letting him go. Then he was beaten up again by other officers,” Angulo told Radio Fórmula.

The newspaper director added that one of El Sur’s photographers was also beaten by police and his camera was smashed. “The police acted with a lot of violence, but there are not many images of what happened,” Angulo said.

Photographs of the incident were widely shared on social media – including an image of a man covered in blood being marched away by police and another of dozens of detainees lying facedown in the road.

The authorities reported that 106 people were arrested during the operation, of whom 99 were released on Wednesday morning.

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