Myanmar army deepens offensive on “rebels” near China border – Channel NewsAsia

Those who oppress and enslave their own people “get” to call them rebels, even if they are just trying to defend themselves from a government that has rebelled against humanity for 40 years…

Myanmar has blamed Kokang leader Phone Kya Shin for the upsurge of violence – after six years of relative peace – and called on Beijing to rein in any local officials who might be helping the group on its side of the border. President Thein Sein has vowed “not to lose an inch of Myanmar’s territory” to the rebels.

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The Kawara Chair finds a new use for discarded Japanese roof tiles – The Fox Is Black

I love that the design is centered around a discarded object that already has an inherent beauty. Kawara smartly developed a solution for an object that was being discarded simply because it wasn’t perfect enough.

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Lebanon To Have Its Very Own High-Tech “Silicon Valley” Soon?

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Batroun hollywood sign

Back in 2012, I wrote about an economical boom coming my home district Batroun’s way (link). It promised great things for the caza and North Lebanon. Now, more than 2 years later, that project is going through the bureaucratic motions of Lebanese governance on its (hopeful) way for fulfillment.

A parliamentary committee consisting of MPs Ibrahim Kanaan (Metn), Nadim el Jesr (Tripoli), Hekmat Dib (Baabda), Jean Ogassapian (Beirut), Neamtalah Abi Nasr (Keserwan), along with a representative of the Minister of Economy Alain Hakim, is studying the law required in order to make the zone a reality.

The zone will be spread over an area of 200,000 m², donated by the Maronite Church in Batroun. The project was championed mainly two years ago by the Maronite League (الرابطة المارونية).

The purpose of the Maronite League behind the project is to improve the economy of that region in order to prevent…

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