ISIS digs out old grievances to attack Copts

reaching just like Serbian killers did 4 excuse 4 enjoying killing & anything 4 power – AH’s of century!


The Islamic State has released a video of the beheading of Egyptian Christians in Libya. The chilling video surfaced following an article published in the group’s magazine Dabiq showing photos of twenty-one Coptic Egyptians kidnapped by militants in Libya. According to the Dabiq article, the kidnapping was “in revenge for Kamilia Shehata, Wafaa Constantine, and other sisters who were tortured and murdered by the Coptic Church in Egypt.” No political reasons were mentioned in the report. Interestingly, that key assertion was overlooked by many reports and analyses of the attacks. In fact, when Jen Psaki, the spokesperson of the U.S. department of State was asked about the status of minorities in the Middle East, her reply was [the kidnapping] “is more about Libya than it is about Egypt.”

Ms. Psaki is wrong in her assessment. Although the logistics of the kidnapping were directly linked to the disintegration of…

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