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✫ How can I find a great job when I have no time?

✫ 7 cultural concepts the US lacks. Yeeesss to all of them!!! Hygge is probly my favourite -as hard as it is to choose a favourite cause all of them are essential to my days.

✫ OMG! Waaaant!!!

✫ Gala shares 3 ways to create a regular gratitude practice.

✫ Do you want to learn a foreign language? Use Duolingo, it’s awesome and free!

✫ The incredibly high human cost of fast fashion.

✫ I like what Ember has to share about her No Buy January.

✫ This interview with Lena Dunham is absolutely fascinating.

✫ Blue eyes originated from a single ancestor.

✫ 13 reasons to live with less.

✫ 9 intentional ways to challenge consumerism in your life.

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