The death of Ivan Ilych

My father committed suicide at age 57, I was 18. Ever since then, I realized that we are dying from the moment we are born. Accidents can take us at any time – so all time is a gift, even if we do not always appreciate it. Live and die each day, each moment. I have been oh so close 4 or five times – I wonder if I will laugh, sigh or cry.

10 thoughts on “The death of Ivan Ilych”

  1. That is very honest of you Sir Ned…
    Mine drank themselves to death…it took them another 10 years…far too long! grin

    1. Don’t be silly…’ll be croak into the night…gasp croak gasp rattle roll against the dying light…..hahaha

    2. A group….in one of their songs they sing hopin 2 die at night ‘peacefully’ grin

  2. Wonderful! grin….That is How It is! Yeah!
    I am not alone….croak…….does he turn into the handsome prince who will rescue me? grin

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