VDU’s blog: Bats in a tree…

Of course this will raise the usual question of whether we cull all bats to prevent this from ever happening again. Don’t be ignorant! Bats have very important roles in pollinating and thus in keeping our ecosystem going. Should we kill all bees because they sting us? I’m pretty sure I’ve been stung by a bee more times than I’ve had Ebola/Hendra/SARS/Nipah/MERS/Lyssavirus or any other bat-hosted virus infection. Killing off everything to prevent a very rare zoonotic event when better knowledge can resolve the problem is just a typically short-sighted and knee-jerk human reaction (not a fan-can you guess?).

One question that does still remain, and one that is of extreme interest to me, is how often mild disease results from an Ebola virus infection? Good, robust serology methods to the rescue.

via VDU’s blog: Bats in a tree….