Chikungunya in the Americas tops 1 million cases one year after being introduced

Repeating Islands


This article by Robert Herriman appeared in Outbreak News Today.

Exactly one year after the mosquito borne virus, chikungunya, made its first appearance in the Western hemisphere as a locally acquired infection in the French Quarter section of the Caribbean island of St. Martin, the epidemic that has spread throughout the Americas has topped the 1 million case mark, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Friday.

The most recent tally from the international health organization put the number of suspected and confirmed autochthonous, or locally acquired cases at 1,011,548, up nearly 36,000 cases from last weeks report.

The eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic, after not reporting new cases for weeks, saw 25,381 additional cases reported to the UN agency. The Dominican Republic accounts for slightly more than half (51.8 percent)of all local transmission cases seen in the Western hemisphere with 524,297…

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Here, There and Everywhere

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The past couple of weeks have been a little… well, busy would be an understatement. Here are a few quick highlights of some significant happenings in Kingston, Jamaica – a kind of growing intensity of pre-Christmas madness. This has all been interspersed with daily showers of rain, many heavy and lengthy and soaking in nature – an unusually wet December, so far. It is in a way rather a shame that so many events have been squeezed into a short space of time, with many occurring on the same evening. I am not very good at dashing from one place to another; I am lacking in physical stamina these days, especially since the “chik v” arrived. Well – we will all collapse over Christmas soon enough I suppose, with a glass of sorrel in our hand and platefuls of ham, Christmas cake and other goodies… Enjoy!

Two speakers at the National Volunteer Symposium, Miguel "Steppa" Williams and Kimberley Issa Sherlock chat at the JN Foundation's National Volunteer Symposium on December 5. (My photo) Two speakers at the…

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Chiapas: Third Forum for the Defence and Care of Mother Earth in Chicomuselo

dorset chiapas solidarity

Chiapas: Third Forum for the Defence and Care of Mother Earth in Chicomuselo



From 10 to 12 November, in the Chicomuselo municipality, different activities were organized to protest mineral exploitation and to organize in defence of life.  At the end of a march held on 10 November, Chicomuselo was declared a “municipality free of mining.”  On 12 November, the Third Forum for the Defence and Care of Mother Earth took place, with the participation of 3,500 persons.

At the close of the event, participants declared their opposition to mineral exploration and exploitation operations, as well as wind-energy plants, natural gas ducts, hydroelectric dams, and superhighways sought to be imposed on their lands.  They noted that the structural reforms advanced by the federal government “in no way benefit the campesino and indigenous peoples of our country but instead seek to facilitate once again the looting of our common goods and…

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Egyptian Aak 2014 – Week 50 ( Dec 8 – 14)


Main Headlines 




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Please stop attacking a UKIP candidate for being racist while on sedatives

Pride's Purge


We’ve managed to dig out the sedatives UKIP candidate Kerry Smith was using at the time he made his racist and homophobic comments and we can now confirm that Smith is right and the drugs were indeed to blame for his offensive outburst:



Now please leave this poor sick man alone!


Please feel free to share. And comment.


The Coalition Government Colouring and Activity Book is now available for download as a PDF and in print:

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Haaretz: Fearing Zionist Attacks, 100 Arab Bus Drivers in Jerusalem Quit Their Jobs

Forty-seven years after the unification of Jerusalem, there are very few islands of Jewish-Arab coexistence in the city. Of these, one of the most noteworthy was the Egged bus cooperative. About half its drivers were East Jerusalem Palestinians, who say they received fair treatment, good wages and benefits – things few other East Jerusalem Palestinians enjoy.

But the wave of violence in the city in recent months, which has included violent attacks on Arab drivers, has caused 100 of them – about a third of Egged’s Arab drivers – to quit. Forty have officially resigned, while 60 have simply not shown up for work. This has severely disrupted public transportation in Jerusalem.

“I worked for Egged for six years,” said Arafat Tahan. “It was good work. But it’s better to earn less money and not come home in a body bag.”

Last Wednesday night, yet another Arab bus driver was attacked. Two Jewish men on a scooter drove up beside his bus in the Gilo neighborhood and tried to break the windshield. When this failed, they forced the bus to stop, threw a stone that shattered the windshield and took off.

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Turkish police raid media outlets associated with Erdogan rival | News | DW.DE | 14.12.2014

Turkish police early on Sunday raided various addresses, including a television station and a newspaper, in Istanbul and 12 other cities, arresting several people,Turkish media say.

Among those detained were a top executive, producers and directors of a television channel close to US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, the state-run Anatolia news agency said. The news agency said at least 14 people in all were detained.

The anti-terrorism police also raided the offices of the Zaman daily, which, too, has links with Gulen. However, a huge crowd outside the newspaper’s offices in Istanbul forced police to leave without arresting any of its employees.

via Turkish police raid media outlets associated with Erdogan rival | News | DW.DE | 14.12.2014.