Chris Huhne waves flag for anaerobic digestion, emits Biogas

Growing maize/corn for biogas is just plain stupid but helpful for Monsanto; which helps daily to kill the planet and us faster.

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The Anaerobic Digestion brigade is continuing to produce hot air and gas in the run up to the General Election, in the hope of extracting some policy promises from any of the parties who might have a say in the future of this industry.

Yesterday saw a conference by the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association at which it was claimed that AD produced a good quality fertiliser, in the form of the digestate left behind after the methane has been produced. In reality, what is produced is a good soil conditioner, not a good fertiliser. This study on digestate from farm slurry found found no increase in nutrient value but that there was an increased risk of Ammonia pollution; which causes environmental harm and human health problems. This review confirmed that most of the N available from digestate is in the form of active Ammonium, which  can be released into…

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