It’s The Pussy Riot, Le Tigre Crossover You’ve Been Waiting For | News | Clash Magazine

Pussy Riot seemed to engage with the spirit of the Riot Grrrl movement.

Those guerilla gigs, the short, sharp songs which hit out against authority while embracing a gleeful sense of invention… it was all warmly, richly familiar.

Two members of the Russian group – Nadya Tolokonnikova and Masha Alyokhina – performed at VICE’s 20th birthday party at the weekend, tearing through Le Tigre’s ‘Deceptacon’.

It now seems that the Pussy Riot pair are working with Le Tigre/MEN member JD Samson. Le Tigre’s Johanna Fateman initially posted the above photo, with NME gaining a little inside information.

Nadya Tolokonnikova explains that the collaboration is primarily working in visual mediums, with the possibility of new music at some point.

Speaking to the NME, she said: “Maybe at some point in the future we will do an album, but right now we want to make videos.”

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Being Human Is Hard and Constant Work

Two methods help me – reminding that stuff just happens sometimes and has nothing to do with me – reminding myself that regardless of what just happened or not will have no impact on the sun rising tomorrow morning. If those don’t work a big AAAAARRRRRGH! helps.

Silvia Writes


Blogging is another form of therapy.  I’ve no clue who, if anyone, said that, but it sounds good. How did I ever make it all those years without running something by you, dear blogging friend?

So, here is the deal.

How often have you wanted to do the right thing but were unable to?

Sure, there are external forces preventing this:  1.  The traffic jam last week when the highway patrol closed part of the freeway to get a biker off safely.   2.  Getting home only to realize I forgot to buy a friend’s birthday gift, and no way was I going in that mayhem again.  3.  Calling my husband to see if he’d stop, but the call went to voice-mail.  He loves blasting the music in his car, tuning out the world.  I should have known.

So, that little problem — my husband enjoying his music at levels that…

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Helado cremoso vegano

Use google to translate if you need to – good recipe

helado cremoso vegano helado cremoso vegano

Existen varias recetas para preparar helado, pero te garantizamos que esta es la mejor receta con la cual lograras un helado de una calidad profesional. Existen cremas vegetales especiales para repostería que ya incorporan un estabilizante en su composición que le dan esa textura tan deseada. Pero si no encuentras fácilmente estas cremas en tu ciudad puedes utilizar esta receta base que utiliza agar agar para darle cremosidad al helado.

Helado de crema, receta base para un helado crema.

1 lt crema vegetal.
1 cu sopera de agar agar.
½ taza de agua caliente.
4 cu soperas cacao en polvo.
frutillas, piña, nueces o frutas deshidratadas a gusto.
para endulzar, azúcar, siropes, stevia a gusto.
Batidora eléctrica, cuchara de madera, papel film.

dejamos enfriar la crema en el refrigerador como mínimo un par de horas antes de comenzar la preparación. En una taza de agua…

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The Sioux Chef Wants to Bringing Pre-Colonial Cuisine to the People | Civil Eats

Chef Sean Sherman grew up Ogallala Sioux on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. After working his way up through a number of kitchens in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sherman decided he needed to strike out on his own. In April, he launched his event catering business as “The Sioux Chef.” And he’s working on a restaurant of the same name.

Sherman offers his customers “pre-colonization” cuisine, a term used by Chef Nephi Craig, who founded the Native American Culinary Association, and writes at the blog Decolonial Food for Thought. With media coverage from sources like NPR and Al Jazeera, Sherman’s unusual approach is earning him accolades and bringing in the customers. But getting here hasn’t been easy.

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Complaint to Paul Dacre chair of press code about Paul Dacre Daily Mail editor

The Sultans of Shame and Sham are at it again – Plumbing the depths of non-news and feeding petty hatreds.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK gutter press)

Mr Paul Dacre

Chair of the Editor’s Code of Practice

‘Independent’ Press Standards Organisation

Dear Mr Dacre,

I am writing to you in your position as chairman of the Editor’s Code of Practice to complain about you in your position as editor of the Daily Mail.

Specifically I am writing to complain about an article you commissioned in your own newspaper, the Daily Mail, in which you and your newspaper grossly maligned and bullied two young children, aged 3 and 6 years old.

Although the children’s faces were (poorly) blanked out in your article, the full identity of their parents was revealed so the identities of the two children were in effect not kept secret.

I therefore believe the article was a gross intrusion into the children’s right to privacy and could have a detrimental affect on their education, home life and health.

The following article (

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