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I recommend this article on DNA studies, not because I am a Puerto Rican woman (oh, maybe just a little bit) but because it is simply fascinating. It was written by Leor Pachter (computational biologist working in genomics at UC Berkeley) on his academic blog Bits of DNA (Reviews and commentary on computational biology). [Many thanks to Phyllis Katz for bringing this information to our attention.]

[. . . ] One of [James] Watson’s obsessions has been to “improve” the “imperfect human” via human germline engineering. This is disturbing on many many levels. First, there is the fact that for years Watson presided over Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory which actually has a history as a center for eugenics. Then there are the numerous disparaging remarks by Watson about everyone who is not exactly like him, leaving little doubt about who he imagines the “perfect human” to be. [. . .] The result of the…

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Tory council tried to ‘auction off’ disabled man online to private care companies

Soylent Green invented by Tories!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Emma Knight found her local Tory-run council was inviting companies to bid online to look after her 45-year-old brother James after the residential care home he was in was closed because the council claimed it was too expensive.

After making him homeless, Devon County Council then listed James – who suffered brain damage at birth – on a website available to all care companies across the county to invite them to make bids to accommodate him:

Disabled man ‘put up for auction’ on care website

Auctioning off disabled people is not a warning sign of things to come.

It’s a sign of the sorry state we’ve already allowed our once great nation to become.


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