Guardian admits it will not allow readers to criticise its journalists

“It seems hacks like to dish it out – but can’t take it back.” They are saving the world with their words, so how could they be wrong or criticized? – Reason that non-traditional news keeps growing. Problems of too little fact checking and too much spin – invades all.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK press)

In an extraordinary article today – the Guardian’s so-called ‘reader editor’ Stephen Pritchard admits the newspaper will delete any readers’ comments which “persistently” criticise its journalists.

Pritchard rounds off his extremely defensive piece with this extraordinary sentence:

….while we acknowledge criticism of the articles we publish, we will not allow persistent misrepresentation of our journalists.”

In other words, for “persistent misrepresentation” read “criticism“‘

Which at least explains why for several years now I have been banned (not pre-moderated – banned) from commenting on the Guardian website and my polite enquiries as to why I have been banned have been consistently ignored:

guardian commentsd

So now I know.

Because while I don’t use degrading, sexist or racist language, I do take a pretty persistent line in criticism of journalists from all mainstream newspapers- including the Guardian:

Guardian claims Lib Dem MPs opposed…

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Egyptian Aak 2014 – Week 48 ( Nov 24 – 30)

Egypt still not able to stop terror attacks, nor to re-open society – Salafists and Brotherhood types not a big help.


Muabark's lawyer(Mubarak’s lawyer following the acquittal verdict)

(Photo via al-Masry al-Youm ) 

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800 Israelis Demonstrate Against ‘Jewish State’ Bill In Front of Netaneyahu’s Residence

Hundreds of Israelis gathered on Saturday night in front of Netanyahu’s residence, in protest of the “Jewish State” Bill he proposed last Sunday.

The Crowd consisted of left wing Israelis and members of Peace Now movement. The police reported that the protesters carried signs that condemn Netanyahu’s Bill draft because it serves democracy to Jews only.

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