you are still here: a poem to remind you – {}

you are still here: a poem to remind you – {}.

{Because there are times that the very force of your reality – the relentless pace, the depths of what has been won and lost and seen and done and of all that relies on you, the pressing weight that you feel when you first wake up in the morning and the inescapable pressure to stay or to go or to know exactly the right thing – will make you feel both under intense observation and yet entirely and completely transparent to the point of invisibility.  Because there have been those times in my life and I know that there have been those times in yours.  Because of that, I remind you now.  You are still here.  I see you.  I hold you.  There is a safe space for you here. }

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  1. Reminded me of this…
    Be strong then,and enter into your own body;
    There you have a solid place for your feet
    Think about it carefully!
    Don’t go off somewhere else!
    Kabir says this: just throw away all your thoughts of
    imaginary things
    and stand firm in that which you are.
    (The Kabir Book…versions by Robert Bly)
    and that is only half of it…..’cause ya see I very much like Kabir smile
    Robert Bly dedicated this to Kabir, and all those working confused in inner labour…..loike wot I am grin aaaarrrh!

  2. loike many of us are.
    “Are you looking for me?
    I am in the next seat.
    My shoulder is against yours.
    you will not find me in the stupas,
    not in Indian shrine rooms,
    nor in synagogues,
    nor in cathedrals:
    not in masses,
    nor kirtans,
    not in legs winding around your own neck,
    nor in eating nothing but vegetables.
    When you really look for me,
    you will see me instantly —
    you will find me in the tiniest house of time.
    Kabir says: Student, tell me, what is God?
    He is the breath inside the breath.”
    ― Kabir

  3. Clever fuker…aint ya?….I know my Monkey well……
    I wonder if u will get this? smile…..gettin tired Sir.

  4. dunno – grin

    Ned Hamson -This is the time; We are the people; Let’s work together now!

    “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

    – Theodore Roosevelt

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  5. With ref to the above…I work harder than most…….this week I am gonna learn wot ‘do wot u can’ means…. my hours will be reduced hopefully…in the meantime I have 500 odd emails to catch up with.. The Atlas Mountains are beautiful…..waterfalls and the Berber villages…you can keep Marrakech…:(…though worth a visit. It is the countryside that calms me…Marrakech is a madhouse and pollution is rampant…barely breathe with diesel 2stroke engines scooters and hoards of traffic descending on one akin to an invading army…no Siree not for me…..though Le Jardin (Jardin Majorelle) was lovely….most of the cacti came from Mexico….so I felt at home…smile King rules… suppression of dissidents and the usual corruption….no democracy and people are poor and since French Colonial times peoples are reduced to being without much dignity, that is, the poor as always…..sad really was the overall impression of what I saw….much emphasis on tipping and desperate sense of hustling…(I am sure you know). Tourism is a curse.

  6. turistas a curse and blessing. Sad they are needed for some to even survive. Never got to Marrakech – hung out in Casablanca – at a bar, cafe, and… run by a French woman who had been there three hundred years – grin. The American Rock and Bar on a second floor near the port. All reminded me of Baja and Tijuana

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