A Peaceful Protest Today – Please Spread the Word

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Here’s a message (from a woman I have had the honor of working with in women’s leadership training with WMW Jamaica) shared widely on social media, regarding a peaceful protest this afternoon in Kingston. My apologies for posting it so late. As my last blog post noted, let’s stand  up and be counted!

Friends Jamaicans. I’ve listened to enough to know its a pretty bleak future if changes are not made about how we make decisions about Jamaica’s resources. Its time that we earned a bit of self-respect as a people. No fight, no quarrel. I am inviting all of us who think this country is of worth and value to join me and other like-minded Jamaicans TOMORROW 4:00-5:30pm at the corner of Knutsford Blvd and Oxford Road to let our leaders know that the Board of the NHT needs to be dissolved and proper governance structures be put…

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