R.I.P. Lebanese Legend Sabah

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You’ve killed her a thousand times over with those senseless jokes, the rumors and then some more jokes when the rumors were debunked. But this morning, Lebanese singer Sabah passed away at the age of 87.

My earliest memory of Sabah is being a kid hovering around my mom’s waist as she sang her song “Sa’at Sa’at” while she cooked, or, if she felt playful, went about a round of “Jib el Mejwez.” Today, my mom is the one who reaches my waist, but she still sings those songs when she cooks, and they’ve become engrained in my mind as a result too.

With over 50 albums in her decade-long career, she is on the same rank as some artists that many consider worthier of more clout, such as Fairuz and Um Kulthum.

More senseless things happen daily that’s for sure, but Lebanon lost one of its giants today and…

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2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Lebanese Legend Sabah”

  1. It’s funny….but if you hang around in Gotham City long enough…u do get to see/hear some strange things…they love the young and sexy singers from Lebanon…which is fine…I just can’t quite forget those early wake calls to prayer…not that I mind….but I so wish they did not use loud speakers 😦
    I remember as a child in Egypt the call to prayer and it were not frikin loudspeakers gggrrrrr…’cause the call to prayer is very beautiful.

    1. True. All sounds like people at the fast food take out or the guy eating while announcing something important at a football match over a loudspeaker. But real call to prayer has lots in common with monk’s chants and cantor’s sung prayer, as well. A mosque right next to hotel in Cairo – woke me up quick after a night to be forgotten.

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