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  1. Now listen to me Hamson! (I apologize in advance)
    I might be a gnarled oak devoid of orchids grin….However, I have bin in the yoga world for the how long?….blimey..I’ve nearly forgotten! yuk! Crikey, it’s a very long time..I will tell u a secret…grin..it stinks! Oh dear sooo much pretension and so very little ‘meat’…..I’ve retired..though I keep my practice ’cause it calls me…but keep me away from students and pretty pictures…muchisimas gracias 😉

  2. Yeah, thought you’d enjoy it that’s why I reblogged it – so you could take you own photos to dazzle the yoga world – did not know you retired from teaching it.

  3. Well,sometimes…I might be hauled out… generally in the Greek direction! Other than that Haaah… Oive ‘ad enough…smile….;) lazy… fukers…..I’m gettin old and intolerant grin..

  4. Doing classes in Greek Isles – Rhodes – or classic Greek poses translated into yoga? intolerant unnerstand – thought you had refused to get old a la Jane Fonda.

  5. Very funny! 😦
    Forget the classical Greek poses! I am into butchering the Greek men..grin hammer and chisel grin hahaha true!

  6. I don’t do retirement I just had enough of teaching The problem is the older I get the worse I get!….In the age stakes I am only 3 years behind you grin I’ll catch up with you soon 🙂 Currently I am open to any offers that the universe maybe inclined to offer me… However at the moment it is zilch! 😦 So I am gonna have to go proactive ugh ugh ugh…

  7. That would make me very nervous!
    I would step back and think wot the fuk do you want…
    😦 and start singing a song about ‘suspicion’ 😉

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