Watch Live: The Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight | WIRED

If you brave the chilly November air and head somewhere dark tonight, you should get an enjoyable show: the Leonid meteor shower at its peak. But if you live in a city with a lot of light pollution, or you’d just rather stay in the warm comfort of your pajamas, you can watch a live online show (above) from The Slooh Community Observatory starting today at 5:00 p.m. PST/8:00 p.m. EST.

Wherever you are, the best time to view the meteor shower with your naked eye is between midnight and dawn (local time). The Slooh Space Camera will start its broadcast from its observatory in the Canary Islands off the coast of northwestern Africa, and move to the Prescott Observatory in Arizona later in the evening. During the broadcast, you might even have the chance to hear the meteors.

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Kobani: A Victim Of Our Sins | Nervana

 Flirting with Islamist groups has a long history in the Middle East. Time and time again, regimes and leaders have wrongly assumed that it is easy and cost-free to use Islamists as a cheap tool to fulfill their goals and ambitions. Time and time again, this assumption has proven to be very costly and bloody. Sadat in Egypt released many Islamists from prison in a tactical move in his fight against Nasserism. Then they later turned against him and assassinated him in 1981. Recently, Arab Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia saw the Arab Spring as an opportunity to remove hostile regimes like Assad in Syria. They naively assumed that funding radical Jihadists would finish Assad. It did not work, because the Gulf Sheiks underestimated the depth of support that Iran and Hezbollah were willing to give to the Assad regime. Instead of defeating Assad, Qatar and others helped creating radical monsters such as ISIS. Kobani is just one of many tragic repercussions of the endemic political myopia that deluded autocrats into playing with the fire of radicalism. The role of Qatar is now exposed, but the young Emir of Qatar is fortunate, he is still enjoying his luxurious palace in Doha, unlike poor Syrians (Kurds and Arabs) sleeping in rough tents as refugees in Turkey, which is a result of his reckless decisions.

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How Republicans Will Govern – ‘IMPEACH OBAMA OVER IMMIGRATION!!! – ‘Reagan, Bush also acted alone to shield immigrants’

They count of Faux viewers having no memory and know that venting is their job one not getting anything done

The Last Of The Millenniums


impeach obama2

“The audacity of this president to think he can completely destroy the rule of law with the stroke of a pen is unfathomable to me,” said GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa’.

“It is unconstitutional, it is cynical, and it violates the will of the American people.”

No…..It’s against the (cough) ‘will’ of the teabaggers – The rest of Americans want something done.


‘Nearly three decades ago, there was barely a peep when Reagan and Bush used their authority to extend amnesty to the spouses and minor children of immigrants covered by the 1986 law’.

‘In 1986, Congress and Reagan enacted a sweeping overhaul that gave legal status to up to 3 million immigrants without authorization to be in the country, if they had come to the U.S. before 1982’.

‘Early efforts in Congress to amend the law to cover family members failed’.

  • ‘In 1987, Reagan’s Immigration and Naturalization Service…

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Mini Tartaletas de champiñones y cebolla

Tienes unos cuantos pocos ingredientes y tan solo media hora para cocinar algo espectacular? Entonces esta es tu receta!

Mini Tartaletas de champiñones y cebolla

Receta para 6 unidades.

ingredientes para la masa: 200 grs harina integral, pizca de sal, 125 grs margarina vegetal o aceite, 2 cucharaditas polvos hornear. Molde para magdalenas.

Ingredientes parra el relleno: 250 grs de champiñones, 80 grs de harina de linaza, 80 ml de aceite o margarina vegetal, 1 tomate, 1 cebolla, 2 dientes de ajo, pimienta y sal a gusto.

Preparación de la masa: en un bowl juntamos la harina con polvos de hornear y mezclamos. En un sartén derretimos la margarina sin que se nos queme y la agregamos a la harina. Mezclamos con las manos y si fuera necesario agregamos un poco de aceite. Nos debe quedar una masa con una textura desmigada. Tapamos y reservamos por unos 30 min. Mientras…

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