Nuts – I Feel Winter #winter #haiku #photography

penned in moon dust

winter shadows

Hidden in the shadows,

striving to find some life.

Digging out to freedom,

it’s cold outside tonight.

The snow it falls too often

covering all that I once had.

Bring my family’s coffin

fall’s food has all gone bad.

Cold I watch for spring

winter taunts the sun’s rays

one lonely nut

The prompt for Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem new haibun challenge which combines the haiku with a short story (microfiction) is Winter Feeling. This written from a squirrel’s point of view.

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Ayotzinapa Resistance: “This is just getting started”

dorset chiapas solidarity

Ayotzinapa Resistance: “This is just getting started”

by Dawn Paley

screen_shot_2014-11-09_at_9.05.43_am Youth lit 20 vehicles on fire yesterday in front of the main government buildings in Chilpancingo, Guerrero

The forty three students disappeared by municipal police in Iguala, Guerrero on September 26, 2014, are still missing. As much as the state wants to put a lid on the protests, families and fellow students of the missing young men refuse to accept the official version, and have vowed to continue searching until they find the 43 alive.

The government of Mexico is facing the largest crisis of legitimacy since the war on drugs started in December, 2006. One of the chants at the marches is “It wasn’t narcos, it was the state!” This is a common sentiment, and one which undermines the state’s ability to produce hegemonic discourse with regards to what happened to the students.

The state is trying to lay…

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Here’s How You Milk Snakes to Make Antivenom | WIRED

What state is this politician from, I do not recognize him?

Milk Venom Any good antivenom starts with its opposite. Herpetologists do the milking, forcing the snake to bite down on the lip of a jar so that venom drips from its fangs. Manufacturers buy individual snake venoms from suppliers and mix them together to create a supervenom

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Brazil’s indigenous population can use their land, but are not its owners | Latina Lista

In short – Brazil can do whatever it wants with the land since it belongs to the government and not the people who live there!


The geographer and researcher from the University of São Paulo, Camila Salles de Faria, tells the Americas Program that in Brazil there are only two modalities for possessing land, a public and a private one. According to her, although indigenous lands will be recognized through demarcation of space, the land does not actually belong to the indigenous people, since in Brazil’s legal system communal or collective property does not exist, thus it remains beneath the jurisdiction of the state, and if at any moment it decides to interfere in the area, it is able to.

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Americas MexicoBlog: Outrage as Mexico’s Attorney General Says Missing Ayotzinapa Students Are Dead

Outrage as Mexico’s Attorney General Says Missing Ayotzinapa Students Are Dead

Global Voices: Shot, burned in a garbage dump and thrown into a muddy river in black plastic bags. That was the fate of the 43 missing student teachers, known as normalistas in Spanish, who vanished on September 26, 2014, according to Mexico’s federal attorney general on November 7.

Jesus Murillo Karam‘s words were met with disbelief, anger and indignation not only by the students’ families, but also by people throughout Mexico and the world because they rely on the confessions of three drug cartel hit men, not conclusive evidence — human remains discovered near a landfill based on their information haven’t been identified yet.

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Jerusalem: Historical Illiteracy And Political Exploitation.



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While handing me Karen Armstrong’s bookA History of Jerusalem,” my Jordanian colleague said, “Start from the eighth chapter, the earlier chapters are irrelevant.” Like many Arabs, my colleague has never been interested in the early history of the holy city. He said, “Why should we be? The modern history is more relevant to the city.”

 The perpetual turmoil in the city comes from all sides choosing to have a selective memory. Arabs want to ignore the city’s ancient history, which is largely a Jewish history. This Arab indifference is equally matched by Jewish bias against the Arab and Muslim history of the city. In other words, both choose to consider ____ and twist ____ half the story of the holy site and ignore the other half. Historical illiteracy does not help in any political fight; in fact it only creates strife.

This mindset…

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Jerusalem: Historical Illiteracy And Political Exploitation. | Nervana

First, it is rather pointless for Arabs and Muslims to deny the ancient history of the Temple Mount. It is not up to us to decide where Jews should have their holy site. If Jews view the Temple Mount compound as holy to them, so be it. Acknowledging the religious importance of the site to the Jews would be a smart move, as it will strip right-wing Israelis from their fundamental portrayal of Arabs as thieves of history.

In addition, although Muslims label the Western wall of the Temple Mount as the “Buraq wall,” where the Prophet Mohamed landed during his night visit to the city, there is no need to ignore the ancient history of the wall. Jews believe it is the remaining part of their destroyed Temple. The Prophet did not build the wall, it existed before him, and there are many reliable historical sources that prove how Jews used to pray at that site, even after the destruction of the Temple, and well before the rise of Islam.

On the other hand, Israelis needs to remember that their ancient history was not a perfect example of religious tolerance. Following their return from exile in Babylon, Jews excluded foreign wives and children from the membership of Israel, a harsh reminder how the holy city was in many occasions, a city of intolerance, just as in her current, modern time.

Second, acknowledging history does not necessarily mean conceding to demands for prayers at the holy site. Arabs should highlight to the world their part of the story. The Romans destroyed the second Temple hundreds of years before the Arab conquest of the city ___ a fact that Arabs should continue to elaborate and emphasize to the world after showing empathy and sympathy to Jewish claim. Christian rulers, whether in the Byzantine or crusader era, were much more unkind to the Jews than Muslims. According to the Jewish virtual library, the whole Temple Mount area was badly desecrated and was only cleared and restored after Muslim conquest.

Third, while it is smart to acknowledge the ancient Jewish history of the compound, it is also crucial to highlight the current misery of Jerusalem and the failure to achieve peace. East Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, has technically been occupied land since 1967. Israel bars Palestinians below the age of 50 from praying in al-Aqsa. Security barriers in the West Bank prevent more Palestinians from reaching the holy compound. How can Israelis expect Palestinians to be more understanding while they live under such occupation? Arabs should remind the world how under their rule, the great Jewish scholar Maimonides visited the Temple Mount in 1165. That was an era of harmony and peace, unlike today’s tension and injustice. Israel must understand that the political deadlock compounds tension and does not leave any room for religious tolerance. Peace would strip radicals on both sides from abusing religion for political gains.

As such, I did not follow my colleague’s advice, and started reading the book as it should be read, from page one. It was an eye-opener. As Armstrong poignantly pointed out, “the history of Jerusalem reminds us that nothing ___ not even mortal hatred ___ is permanent.”

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Myanmar plans nationwide project to determine citizenship for minorities – Channel NewsAsia

Another step toward ethnic cleansing – no doubt!

Myanmar is planning to conduct a national assessment to determine whether members of minority groups are Myanmar citizens or illegal immigrants, from next year. It is using a pilot project from a town in the troubled region of Rakhine as a blueprint for the programme.

“After we finish the citizenship verification process for that area (Rakhine), other people, other Bengalis living in other townships will understand the reality, and they will envy the Bengali people who intend to become Myanmar citizens and can enjoy the freedom of movement, and then if they want to apply for the passport, it will be very easy,” said Khin Yi, Myanmar immigration and population minister.

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