Lights and Sounds

Written Lines and Rhymes

The kids lunged the bag of crackers
Down their decorated drive
Decked in lanterns, pretty candles
And a string of blinking lights
Just outside the gate they stood and
emptied every single case
They spread the crackers out then lit them
In excited childish haste
But in their haste, what they didn’t notice
The boy that hid inside the park
Whose heavy eyes watched everything
The tears reflecting every spark.
The kids then picked up the rockets
Put them in the bottle stands
Lit the tails then jumped back quick
Careful not to burn their hands
The boy saw the rocket go up;
Explode in a dramatic way
Innumerous bits of golden light
Fire against the darkened gray.
And as the embers fell, he put out
Both of his small, calloused palms
In hopes of catching just one gold light
Thinking it could do no harm
The kids then took the…

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Time is two days, one of safety, one of danger & Zaman iki gündür , güvenli ve tehlikeli & by Imam Ash sha’afi (rahimullaah ta’ala)


Semra-Imam Shafi


And from misery is that you love, and (the one) who you love, loves other than you,

Or that you want good for a person, and he wants to hurt you..!!

و من الشَقاوة أن تحبَ

و من تحبُ يحبُ غيرك

أو أن تريد الخير للأن

سان و هو يريد ضيرك

Ne büyük bahtsızlıktır,sen onu severken onun başkasını sevmesi

Yada sen o insana hayır dilerken onunda  senin zararını istemesi…!!

artimage_89690_2864867_201008052506870 (1)

They said, ‘You’ve been disputed but yet you keep silent?’

I said, ‘Indeed a response will only be a key to the doors of evil.’

Remaining silent from an ignorant one is indeed a virtue

And in it is also reform and protection of honour.

Do you not see how the lion is feared, although he is silent?

And yet dogs are disgraced, but by God do they bark.

قالوا : سكت و قد خوصمت، قلت لهم: , ان الجواب لباب…

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Egyptian Aak 2014 – Week 45 ( Nov 3- 9)


Egypt? Greece ? Cyprus

(Leaders of Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus meet in Cairo, photo via AP)

Main Headlines



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“Beep-beep, mmm beep-beep, yeah!”:-)

my virtual playground

“I’ve found a driver and that’s a start… Baby, you can drive my (rental) car…” – btw, can you also fly my ‘fake’ airplane and my airboat?… 😉 – I know you can ’cause you’re sooo SMART… 😉

Drive My Car – The Beatles:

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A Plea

The images are raw and shocking – but this is always the way in wars on civilians – maybe if those doing the fighting and killing had to see their intended and unintended victims they would stop. No one can say they are just taking orders any longer – the killing has to stop. Mercy and forgiveness to those killed and the killers and kill no more.

Poetry for Palestine

Dearest of all

This soul is aching

Trembling in pain

Bodies of maimed toddlers

Bleeding in vain


O dearest of all

Heal this aching soul

With heavenly cure


O dearest of all

This soul is shattered

Weeping in despair

Is this our planet home , or is it really hell on earth

Does anyone notice, or even care


O dearest of all

Please mend this shattered soul

Caress her to endure


O dearest of all

This soul is tarnished

Screams of the dying, what a nightmare

Babies soaked in blood

More than anyone can bare


O dearest of all

Please rinse this tarnished soul

With mist and snow


O dearest of all

This soul is cold

Bombing all around, death is everywhere

Crowds of gazing eyes

But no one is there


O dearest of all

Please warm this cold soul

Love divine serene azure


O dearest of all

This soul is dimmed

Its spark has long…

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Army Veteran Back From Afghanistan Shot And Killed At Party: LAist

RIP – sad++!

Francisco Garcia, who got back this summer from serving in Afghanistan, was partying at his girlfriend’s house on Dronfield Street, according to City News Service. He and other partygoers went outside the house and into the street around 2 a.m., where two cars stopped and a man jumped out of one car to confront Garcia.

The man grabbed a gun from the other car and started shooting, according to police. Garcia was shot and killed at the scene. Police believe the young vet was the target due to a dispute with the men that occurred before the party.

“The ironies are obvious,” LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon told City News Service. “To survive as a soldier in an overseas conflict, only to be killed in your neighborhood upon your return.”

Garcia recently posted on Facebook that he applied to join the California Highway Patrol and was accepted, KTLA reports.

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St. Francis Manuscripts Bound for U.S. Display –

New Yorkers will see it soon, as Father Massetti and his collaborators are finishing restoring 13 medieval manuscripts of the 19 artifacts from the Sacred Convent of St. Francis in Assisi, before their departure for the United States on Monday.

Leaving Italy for the first time in 700 years, the documents will be shown at the United Nations headquarters Nov. 17-28, and then be open to the public in Brooklyn Borough Hall until mid-January in an exhibition, “Friar Francis: Traces, Words and Images.”

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Let’s Dance. | Rebelle Society

By Leila Hussein


Let me never stop jumping in puddles.

When I’m 80, I still want to be the kind of girl

(and I say girl because I will be),

who dreams and blows kisses

at life on a sea breeze.


Let me never stop going on swings.

Let the winter time not touch my heart

too late like the others,

let me discover my wings

even more as I get older.


Let me never stop wishing on a cloud,

and feeling my own magnificence

envelop me as I look to the sky and what I can be,

what I really am.


Let me never stop blowing

dandelions down the street,

chuckling as they flee,

like a bale of hay

skipping merrily in my heart.

I am so glad for the art of living,

for the song in my heart that wills me

to get up in the morning and sing.

And dream.

For the little girl in me

Who likes to dream big.

And who will never die,

I hope.

So if you see me skipping on raindrops

down the street at age 90, please join me.

And remind me of this poem.

I will be glad to meet your acquaintance

and dance with you.

Cherry pies.

Never let me stop from wanting

to eat them when they are red hot,

because the child in me

can’t stop herself from tasting it.

A person’s touch.

Let me never become immune to it.



Never let me stop feeling it in my spirit,,

even as the wind whispers age.

Fairy tales.

Let me never stop telling them,

to my nephew, my nieces or to myself.


Let me never stop chuckling.

Belly-ripping roars that threaten

to overcome me and have me hunched over

with tears that pour.


Let me never stop learning from them.

As their eyes melt forth and speak of a wisdom,

a heart centuries old.


Let me never stop smelling them,

standing in awe at their beauty.

Let me never forget my surroundings

and tune it all out,

nature and its entirety.


Let it never leave me.

Even when faith has forgotten its way.


Let it never stop bleeding out of me.

Every tiny essence of it.


Let them never leave me.

Even when there is silence around.


Let it always lead the way home.

And keep me strong and healed,

connecting me to truth.


Let me dance in it. Barefoot.

Preferably with people I love.

But alone is good too.

The Sea.

Let it never stop calling me,

inviting me to lay in its rhythms,

and soothe myself at ocean floor.

The Sky.

Let me always look up at it.

Wondering about the heights

I will climb in my time left on this earth.


Let me never believe the myth

that it is long, arduous or hard.

Let me always be willing

to let it in just one more time..

Until the sun comes up once more.

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