Allah, الله ,God ,Gott , Dieu ,Dios , Alá, Deus, Dio..Jalla Jalaluhu (May His Glory Be Glorified) ❤


 sem-Allah cc


Allah is not in my contact list in my cell phone, but He is my number one and most important contact.

He isn’t in my Facebook friend list, but He is my best friend.

I am not following Him on Twitter, but I follow His His Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Quran.

While I need to Internet to connect with others, I am connected to Him without the need for the Internet.

SubhanAllah (glory be to Allah)



Allah, benim cep telefonumda kişi listemde ekli değil,ama o benim bir numaralı ve en önemli temas halinde olduğumdur.

O benim Facebook arkadaş listemde yok, ama O benim en iyi arkadaşım.

Twitter’de O’nun takipçisi değilim ama Ben, Onun ,O’nun Peygamberinin (sallAllahu aleyhi ve sellem) ve Kuran’ın takipçisiyim.

Ben başkaları ile ileşime geçmek için internete ihtiyaç duyuyorum.

Halbu ki , ben internete gerek olmadan ,her zaman O’nunla iletişim halindeyim.


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Nudist beach panics over possible Ebola from immigrants –

A nudist beach in the Canary Islands had a moment of Ebola panic after 19 West African immigrants arrived on the beach with reports of fever.

The immigrants, who were planning on starting a new life in Spain, landed on Gran Canaria beach of Maspalomas. They landed at 8:30 a.m. Friday with at least three of the arrivals hailing from Guinea and Sierra Leone — two of the three countries severely affected by the Ebola outbreak.

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Activist Brings Catalans Together as They Seek to Secede From Spain –

So, why is Spain afraid to let Catalans express their feelings and political choices?

The speech, before hundreds of thousands of pro-independence Catalans, was as straightforward as the seven-mile-long V for vote that the crowd formed along two of the main avenues of Barcelona, Catalonia’s regional capital.

“We will vote, and we will win,” the speaker, Carme Forcadell, a teacher and onetime local politician turned street activist, told the cheering demonstrators in September on the Diada, Catalonia’s national day. She stood on a podium with her hand raised and fingers spread to make a V, this time for victory.

While Catalonia is scheduled to hold a significantly watered-down referendum on secession on Sunday, the region remains far from breaking away from the rest of Spain. The vote has been fiercely opposed by Madrid and, after a ruling on Tuesday by Spain’s Constitutional Court suspending it, may not happen at all.

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