Why are Australia and Canada following North Korea’s lead on Ebola? – The Washington Post

Many of these countries are also banning entry for their own citizens who have visited the epicenter recently.

Below is a list of those countries, in alphabetical order. As you read through it, think to yourself: Which countries stand out?

Antigua and Barbuda





Cape Verde



Equatorial Guinea








North Korea




South Africa

South Sudan

St Kitts and Nevis

St Lucia

St Maarten

St Vincent and the Grenadines


The Dominican Republic

Trinidad and Tobago

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4 thoughts on “Why are Australia and Canada following North Korea’s lead on Ebola? – The Washington Post”

  1. Yes….I have tweets from Canada (lovely guy in V.A) in fact he follows you on twitter. Also in Oz…. satire ..Very funny. I form links with them and they are like a mysterious support netwk that pops up randomly ? when I most need to laugh! In fact I was talkin last night to a guy on a blog v.political (our age) in yr neck of the woods Ohio I believe..small world….not the way I talk to you grin… This man took a while to cotton on to my gallows humour….he did eventually! big grin Another english blog I visit sends out once a week a ‘song’….smile…I got him over the song ( Neil Young,Velvet Underground)..you can reveal so much of yourself over a song which is why I liked ‘the rebel song’ by Sinead….she looks so diff now from that ‘innocence’ You said you like tattoos..how many? and did you always have Zapata as yr backdrop? The trouble is in this country they are little englanders. I pay a price for having a very diff background which is why I like World links. b.smile.
    you taught me that! grin

    1. Roma and roamin in your family’s blood. Have a few Canadian friends, not too many. Aussies – been there twice – would live in Perth, if I could but like Wellington in NZ as well. Zapata has always been a favorite of mine after Fidel. Fidel became a no no after he became too Red for US and kicked out the mob from Habana. Zapata was the only true rebel among the men who rebelled in Mexico.

      Still communicate with Aussie friends and New Zealander who is fine except for loving some conspiracy theories. Like Sinead and Maryann Faithful – her Broken English was great. Little Englanders makes me think of trolls – grin. Too many Little Englanders in US.

  2. I meant V.I….Vancouver Island…I went to school there for a while..Came back to this country at 14 and woz horrified! 😦
    Left at 17 for Oz…woz horrified 😦
    Came back again and despite 2 years living in Spain…returned…..I do get restless…which is why I stay in Rhodes with a Greek friend or Creta Crete….old friends…my sister lives in Greece….my brother lives in Dubai (ghastly place) Gotham City! my other sister lives in Oz. Gypsies or wot?

  3. And which is why my lodger is Romanian!
    Hard livin with sombody sometimes…Coz sometimes he is a pain and I want to behead him!

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