18 thoughts on “Peace is the Answer”

    1. Yes!?
      Is that all?
      I’ve done me bit….that shld be less on me tab!
      Tryin eva so hard Guv!

    2. bof·fo
      NORTH AMERICANinformal
      (of a theatrical production or movie, or a review of one) very successful or wholeheartedly commendatory.
      “a boffo box-office certainty”

      noun: boffo; plural noun: boffos
      a success.
      “the finale is a genuine boffo”

  1. Happy blog for Peace day! I’m a day late, I know, but it’s getting so big now. When I joined 7 years ago you could read every blog in a day.

    Ned… I LOVE YOUR BLOG. This is why Blogblast thrills me. 😀 I’ll be off to browse posts now. 😉

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