Labour in crisis after key workers in essential services threaten to quit country

This particular revelation should come with ten-foot pole to fend off fans of “stars” mentioned.

Pride's Purge


The leadership of the Labour Party were in crisis talks today after it was revealed that Britain could face severe shortages of tired old TV presenters, has-been pop singers and shite stage magicians if a victorious Labour government introduces its policy of taxing mansions worth more than £2 million after the next election.

The warnings come after key workers in essential public services such as worn-out light entertainment, middle-of-the-road pop music and outdated hackneyed old comedy acts threatened to quit the country should Ed Miliband become the next Prime Minister.

In unrelated news, a new opinion poll indicates Labour could attract as many as 89% of the votes at the next election if it announced policies that would make Gary Barlow leave the country as well as Griff Rhys Jones, Phil Collins and Paul Daniels.


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2 thoughts on “Labour in crisis after key workers in essential services threaten to quit country”

  1. I’m in Scotland. We are watching Scottish Labour implode at the moment. We voted yes in the referendum, mostly for a chance of change. Positive change, since the same old parties ping-pong back and forth offereing up the “same old” over and over.

    I’m on so many groups on Facebook I’m getting lost lately. I know my “spiritual calling” (blogged that once, years ago) I’m a bridger. I introduce people to people or ideas that might be useful. I really want to add you to my list. I’m glancing down your blog titles and going, “oooh” oh!” in my mind. LOL

    If you are on Facebook and wants links on everything from anti-fracking campaigns in South Africa and the USA to… ban the bedroom tax, war on disabled, rigged referendums, Ebola scares, occupy democracy and save the bees… i’m your woman. 😉

  2. Yes on Facebook via Ned Hamson – look me up – we can friend up. It seems we follow lots of same stuff can exchange sources to send to others – grin.

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