30 thoughts on “Where Does Light Go? #photography #haiku”

  1. Funny that….I have just changed my gravatar image to ‘light’
    I took this in Crete.
    I sent you a tweet on mushrooms but yr name wld not stay blue….did you get it…pl answer as I canna figure out 😦 stress and feelin stupid.It only happens with yr name….porque?

    1. Yet the lovely peace tweet worked when I replied….yr name was blue…Rrraaa…. ayudarme….rrraaaaa

  2. Thanks…for being such a help! 😦
    Full moon on thurs……I start to vibrate on an unusual frequency….Be warned…..I like the taste of young and true blood….so you are safe!

    1. You are not!?
      ’cause I am also ruled by the Moon….as you can see on my gravatar!

    2. Truth Be Told….. 😦
      It had tp be a Moon child or/ a bloody Scorpion!!!!! RRAAaaaaaaa
      I hate my 3rd eye………rrraaaaaaaaa

  3. That’s the sun in your gravatar, isn’t it? July 13 – cannot be nothing but a moon child – my fate – at least not born on a Friday – grin.

    1. When the sun sets…I emerge……
      Always on the First of the month of Every July
      Tell me Sir…what animal are you? 🙂
      It also says on gravatar…….
      What am I?
      Depends on the phases of the moon.

      howeva since I’ve changed things….who knows?
      ripples in ponds……

  4. Chinese to you!
    However I am already impressed…
    Pray tell me who is Ojibwe?

    1. Ojibwe are Native Americans who formed the first confederation of tribes and established a form of government that Benjamin Franklin sort of copied for US constitution. The White Buffalo spirit messenger to the Lakota (Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse) is from Ojibwe country. I believe Ojibwe originally came from area around the Black Sea – Russia and Ukraine that was drowned when Black Sea rose after connecting with the Mediterranian. Then wandered through Russia, India and China and eventually to North America. Area they finally settled in resembles the land they left but further north poking up into Great Lakes Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Too much information. But through my friend the FireKeeper, I smoked the pipe that belonged to Sitting Bull at a ceremony that brought all the tribes together about ten years ago – that’s where I got the new name.

    2. Great!…………thank you…..and………your Chinese animal Sir?
      Focus please.
      ‘What is life?
      It is the flash of the firefly……
      The breathe of the buffalo
      The shadow which loses itself in the sunset.’

    3. The Year of the Wood Monkey
      Those born between January 25, 1944 and February 12, 1945 are members of the Wood Monkey Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before January 25th, please consult the 1943 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Water Sheep.
      Wood Monkey Element
      The influence of the Wood Element makes the Wood Monkey the most clever and creative of the Monkey types. With an interest in harmony, the Wood Monkey will use intuition and social intelligence to cooperate with others. It is with these social skills that the Wood Monkey is often perceived as charming and diplomatic. The Wood Monkey has a keen eye for trends and is often on the front end of new fads. When paired with their ambition, the Wood Monkey can be a true pioneer and visionary.
      Wood Monkey Career
      The social gifts of the Wood Monkey create opportunities in numerous career fields. Using gifts of understanding, the Wood Monkey could make a successful doctor, lawyer or writer. Similarly, when paired with an interest in business, the Wood Monkey could do well in sales, public relations or communications. Those born under the Wood Monkey sign have been known to gain great success in soulful singing. This can be seen in the careers of Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle, who were both born in 1944.

      Never could wrinkle nose – wiggle ears, yes

    4. I am not so easily charmed!
      Is all I have to say to you!
      I know your type well…………..

    5. I can wiggle both at once – up and down. one or the other, and do a drum beat – lft-rt-lft-rt-lft-rt don’t have any pictures.

      I have been a journalist or wannabe journalist since I was 4-years old. Taught myself how to read by reading Webster’s 3rd edition Dictionary cover to cover and Encyclopaedia Britannica same finished by time I started first grade at 6 years. Edited, high school paper, college paper, business journal

    6. Kokoko Ki-no…..Owl Eagle also Bear
      One day I might tell you a story about a Bear……….

    1. Sell ideas, dreams, peace, mercy, understanding, joy, justice but not for money – for keeps. Over quota on charm for day. ha ha.

    2. You make me laugh!
      The sun is about to rise and I am going to crawl back into my box….it is called a hug box! 🙂
      I do not feel well 😦

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