Support Manuel Borja-Villel, Director of Museo Reina Sofía, and the team at the Museo Reina Sofía in their opposition to the attempted censorship of a work of art in the exhibition “Really Useful Knowledge” (Madrid, Spain) | ArtLeaks

the exhibition Really Useful Knowledge [curated by WHW (What, How and for Whom)]. Religious groups are pressuring the Spanish Ministry of Culture to censure this exhibition. CIMAM is against such pressures on any cultural institution dedicated to promoting the principles of artistic expression and freedom.

via Support Manuel Borja-Villel, Director of Museo Reina Sofía, and the team at the Museo Reina Sofía in their opposition to the attempted censorship of a work of art in the exhibition “Really Useful Knowledge” (Madrid, Spain) | ArtLeaks.

37 thoughts on “Support Manuel Borja-Villel, Director of Museo Reina Sofía, and the team at the Museo Reina Sofía in their opposition to the attempted censorship of a work of art in the exhibition “Really Useful Knowledge” (Madrid, Spain) | ArtLeaks”

  1. Thank you…
    I have a friend…long standing……she looks at me… and says….. from time to time…. ‘ You are not thinking about another project are you Pennie?’
    She is very worried about me!
    Sooooooo what project are you up to next Sir?

  2. My next project is likely to be helping poor folks get their teeth fixed so they can smile and eat properly. Peace, justice, mercy, and freedom for the planet and people is my ongoing project

  3. I saw your reply on tp…….
    I responded………although I find it difficult….
    I have never had the ease that you have and so many.. to respond…
    I am much better at internalising…..I find the light too strong…being a creature that feels at home in the dark. The dark hides you see.

  4. I have had a reply to what I wrote on tp………I cannot answer it…it seems angry to me ….or is it me?

  5. Nope, do not think he’s angry – agreeing with you and making his own point in his way – saying toss out the abusers from your mind and experience –

  6. I replied to obd………obd comes in so many forms and aliases….on this blog(and another)….so I know him well …so I guess I am always careful with him….old history……In fact it made me morph into a cat….one day I will explain……I am now wary…..I still do not understand to this day why people have to use so many aliases……I am aware of his many names and I have been regularly abused by some of them…not that I mind but it took a while to get used to the threads……I am not one to back off when insulted…I played the game ….though it is not a game I particularly like. ….it is all down in the comments section of the blog.(back log) It shocked me at first…..even a friend of mine was suggesting I left after reading some of the comments .Am not sure what tp is up to when he allows that sort of stuff on his comments section…..but hey ho.
    Always remember that who you are talking too cld well be the same person. I mean that most respectfully.

  7. Rrrraaa It is not me… is he who has not done that! tossing out the abusers…..why do you think I am followed by him….? why do you think my daughter helps out occasionally? I was being stalked by him….I know him…fatal mistake to meet a blogger…and I did. He is driven. He has chased after me on two blogs…….I know his smell! and he pretends to be so normal. He is also very clever. Now I need to put it to rest.

  8. Sorry…but you have no idea what I feel…I want to see this man in front of me and I want to beat the crap out of him whatever his issues are. In my whole life I have never been so enraged over his behaviour and at the time I cld do nothing. He blocked me from his blog and I blocked him from my twitter……and he is the biggest hypocrite I have ever met in my life….and I have met some. I left his blog and put the experience to rest. I went away to teach left the internet for 3 weeks……I came back and he was there ….following me…..on tp… and Paul Bernal….how do you think that felt? And no one knows…….except a few…I fought back….do you know what it feels like to question every alias that there is out there? Do you know what it feels like to question even your blog? Do you know how I had to learn that he had more than one twitter page…do you know what is feels like to be tormented Bah! I survived…….I will wait like a cat for my prey and then I will kill!

  9. I never fully trust those who use aliases – I’ve never understood why people do. We are who we are and if not willing to speak openly – what are we hiding or whom are we hiding from. Have no clue how much TP moderates his blog for nastiness or bullying. If people cannot be civil, I do not talk with them – not worth the time and like arguing with a drunk or an idiot – in either case you cannot win.

  10. Won’t repeat how my Dublin buddy puts it but but means the same. If someone wants to be my enemy, they can but it will do them no good – cause I will not play their game.

  11. Just lost another thread! Ah Well !
    .. I agree with you …..however I needed clarification….I got it….the comment I made after yours was to him……..he wrote back beginning with ‘nonsense’ he was being polite! ha! He has since responded to another comment I made…and now I am sure it is him…….there is a pattern in everything and if you watch for a year then you will see it emerge…I went to art college…taught ceramics to people who had mental health problems autism etc…I like patterns…studied dance as well…hope you liked the belly dancer… grin
    This man is ‘driven’ remember I picked out that word in your news story? In all I must have counted 20 aliases…..if not more…fascinating…a friend of mine helped me…she cld not believe it at first.. alas I like detective work ..must be those dammed patterns…rrrraaa….yes I shall cease playing the game…..though I shall continue to retweet tp… see Ned I know more about mental health than he does……and his behaviour confirmed it. I told him once before that theory is a crock of shit……you have to sense feel understand down to your very bones and that can be a humbling experience. Best avoided for most people……..but then I like depth……the deeper the better…..though I can be a butterfly…grin
    thank you so much for listening……that’s usually my job! smile

  12. He does not moderate his blog over civilities……
    Fink First is the one to watch…..I moderate him by sending him up.

  13. If you do not hear from me again …it is because I am meeting someone I have not seen for months…as she was unbeknown to me in a mental hospital for 2 months…I used to teach yoga to the addicts who were trying to clean up 😦
    Yes she was one!
    No.. grin.. she is safe….

  14. World is full of strange folks – guess he feels in control when he thinks he’s fooled someone. An odd compulsive negative loop and loopiness. Actually used to see a Mexican belly-dancer down in Baja now and then. That people can do those moves and some of the extreme yoga always amazes me. There is a position called the Lion or something that an ex-roommate of mine could do with ease and wrap his arms around his back and grasp his hands. He was 6’4″ and weighed about 125 lbs. Extremely long arms – grin. Used to pop acid and go scuba diving in the Virgin Lslands.

  15. I trust not at the same time!
    yes…in my day…I took a few!
    Well… I still do backbends…..yeah!
    Gives me energy coz there are no good mushrooms around if you get my drift Carlos Castaneda to you he he he…I’m in a silly mood 😦

  16. Drift along with the moon. Yup. Long ago, I was manager of a gift shop in Smithsonian Institute and we had a special show from Mexico that included a priest/musician how played on his homemade violin all day while munching on srhooms from his pouch – legal since a part of his religion and he was tribal shaman. He sure was happy!

  17. Never seen him before – OK. I used to write that type of material and tried to make workplace a better place – three books and way too many articles – I was a management journal editor for 12 years or so.

  18. I have always beeen fascinated by psychopaths……you might think that is strange…..I read about the subject and I like studying people…and the thing that made me most curious was that their emotions are so different…they have no feeling except to get their own remorse,no nothing and the manipulation! ………it always fascinates me that some people do not feel like me…or you…which takes me back to the first comment I made on your blog if you remember. They have a huge impact on the world….and we do not seem to notice them…especially in governments and positions of power. The strangest thing is that it is the ones that have those tendencies… those subtle tendencies…that are the more intriguing…and the more dangerous.
    Coz they are subtle….. and ya don’t notice.

  19. I have to do this grin…..’cause it bugs me…You Said ‘never seen him before-OK. do I detect a sigh of resignation ….are you reluctant to give me this info or wot? and if so why?
    ‘I wish for an honest answer.
    I know I am persecuted by my…..3rd eye!
    Do not fob me off! or…..gggrrrr

  20. There are the murderers who are charming, politicians whose real object is to somehow feed or get rid of their demons, and the con men who seem to enjoy bedeviling people and taking advantage of them. They give me the chills. I recognize them and avoid them whenever possible. You are right, they are fascinating.

  21. Good………’cause I have been wary of late….not good really… but on the otherhand understandable.

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