Things That Go Bump in the Night

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From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!

As children, we used to recite this little Scottish poem at night, with a little shiver. What did the long-leggedy beasties look like, I wondered to myself. Were they hiding in our bedroom cupboard, or were they creeping around on the roof?

In English folklore, fairies can be quite malicious and harmful to humans. The Fairy Queen (sometimes called Queen Mab) is an untrustworthy creature, to be feared. In English folklore, fairies can be quite malicious and harmful to humans. The Fairy Queen (sometimes called Queen Mab) is an untrustworthy creature, to be feared.

I realize that I grew up with ghosts (or duppies, as Jamaicans would call them). My grandmother used to talk about the supernatural a great deal, and had a perfectly huge repertoire of superstitions and fears. “You shouldn’t wear green,” she would tell us. “It’s the fairies’ color and they will get jealous.” (Fairies are not necessarily nice, at all). Old Nick would…

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Why are documents relating to VIP sex crimes being kept secret until 2056?

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Allegations of sex crimes by leading members of the establishment – including paedophilia – are being kept secret from the public until at least the year 2056.

Here’s an example. Documents relating to allegations against a ‘peer of the realm‘ will not be released until at least the year 2043:

closed records


And why has the government decided to keep these documents secret until at least the year 2056:

closed diplomatic service

Could the Diplomatic Service employee Colin Peters mentioned above be the same Diplomatic Service employee Colin Peters who was later jailed for sexually abusing children and is linked to the current Operation Fernbridge police investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse by leading members of the establishment?

Whatever the case. Why the extreme secrecy?


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What are you waiting for? Neyi bekliyorsun? …Holy Prophet Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه وسلم )



Abu Hurairah (RadiyAllahu Anhu) reported: Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

“Hasten to do good deeds before you are overtaken by one of the seven afflictions.”
Then (giving a warning) he said:”

1. Are you waiting for poverty which will make you unmindful of devotion,

2. Or prosperity which will make you corrupt,

3. Or a disease which will disable you,

4. Or senility which will make you mentally unstable,

5. Or sudden death which will take you all of a sudden,

6. Or Ad-Dajjal who is the worst expected,

7. Or the Hour; and the Hour will be most grievous and most bitter.”



Ebû Hüreyre (RadiyAllahu Anhu)’den rivâyete göre, Rasûlullah (sallAllahu aleyhi ve sellem) şöyle buyurmuştur:

“Yedi şey gelmezden önce hayırlı amelleri işlemeye devam edin, neyi bekliyorsunuz?

1. Her şeyi unutturacak yoksulluğu mu?

2. Azdırıp saptıran zenginliği mi?

3. Bedeni tüm güçleri bozan hastalığı mı?

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Winged beauties under threat – The Hindu

A recent study by the scientists of the Zoological Survey of India, (ZSI) has revealed that of the 1,677 species and subspecies found in India, more than one-fourth (close to 425) are either threatened or endangered.

Of the 425 species of butterflies, 123 species and subspecies of butterflies are included under Schedule- I (Part- IV) of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, while 302 subspecies and species are under Scheduled II (Part II) of the Act.

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October 2014 –

★ Halloween with my sister. We watched Labyrinth for the first time ever and we hated it. It was a lot of fun to rip it to pieces and get frustrated together & eat caramel popcorn & homemade vegan muffins & have conversations that had nothing to do with the film, because it bored us so much we couldn’t focus.

★ Celebrated La Castanyada with parents & sis, it was so much fun! Mom slept over so we could go to the cemetery on Nov. 1 (Día de todos los santos) early in the morning.

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