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Three women spoke to The Toronto Star about the former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi, accusing him of violent behavior. None of them wanted to be identified by name. And their reason for anonymity offers a stark lesson about the effects of online harassment.

One of the women told The Star’s Kevin Donovan and Jesse Brown that “she visited Ghomeshi at his Toronto home and alleges as soon as she walked into his house he suddenly struck her hard with his open hand, then continued to hit her and choked her.” Another said: “He attacked me. Choked me. Hit me like I didn’t know men hit women.

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Man dies after homeless charity makes him homeless

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Anthony Miller’s dead body was found two days ago washed up on a beach in Newquay.

Just a few weeks ago he had lost his job as a roofer as a direct result of being evicted by homeless charity Chapter 1.

He had even offered to pay higher rent but the so-called Christian organisation ignored his offers and turfed him out onto the street:

Christian homeless charity says it has every right to make young Newquay man homeless

Things have got bad when even so-called charities in this country have got so anaesthetised to people’s suffering they turn their backs on the very people they should be helping.


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I really don’t care if you think I look pretty when I run

Run, run, run – those who make fun – forget ’em!

Fit and Feminist

A few weeks ago I was reading Facebook comments posted beneath an article about street harassment faced by female runners, and one comment in particular jumped out at me, from a man who wanted to know what was so wrong about letting a woman know she looked good while she was out running.  I commented and suggested that while I can’t speak for other women, I know that when I’m out for a run, pretty much the last thing on my mind is whether or not a passerby finds me attractive.

Anyone who runs with me knows that I tend to be gross when I run. I get incredibly sweaty – no “glowing” and “glistening” for this broad. My face also turns a lovely shade of eggplant.  I wear no makeup, just smears of sunblock and BodyGlide.  I spit when I run.  Like, a lot.  Brian says he can identify…

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Nasrallah: Takfiris present Muslims as ‘savages’ | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR

Jihadist terrorism poses “a threat to Islam as a religion [as well as] its principles and values,” Nasrallah said, warning that “takfiris”

This takfiri trend “will instill this false understanding of Islam,” he said, warning that the nature of modern day communication would allow radicals to spread a false image of Islam across the world.

“This would push non-Muslims away from Islam, because the [takfiri] method presents Muslims as a savage and bloodthirsty group,” he added.

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The Crooked Lines of Life

Silvia Writes


After the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Holly Michael of Wisconsin traveled to South India with her husband and joined hands with the army of volunteers to help in the recovery efforts. Holly’s husband is Bishop Leo Michael, a native of India, whom Holly met when asked to do an interview on the success of a small parish.

Two people from two different cultures, raised on two opposite ends of the world, found they are not so different when linked in the common goal of helping others. We need more like them in the world.

This is the story of Holly Michael, journalist, author, and to me: cherished critique partner. If ever there were a book that embodied love and compassion, a story written in such luminous, deeply personal prose, Crooked Lines is it.

Here is Holly sharing the inspiration behind her story — a short narrative complemented by photos.

Holly4 From…

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Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists | IWMF

The Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists, the first ever funding initiative of its kind, enables the IWMF to dramatically expand its support of women journalists.

Established with a $4 million gift from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the Fund will support projects including educational opportunities, investigative reporting and media development initiatives.

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Bioassist Services – Virtual Assisted Living Now!

Cool – Greek/Chinese duo rapping this vital product.

The service is based on a tablet that enables the user to initiate a video-call to the service’s helpdesk or to any person from a list of predefined contacts e.g. friends, relatives etc, with a single touch and vice versa. The helpdesk can detect potentially dangerous conditions and ensure the client’s compliance to the prescribed medication, by setting and monitoring smart reminders. In case of emergency, the user has access to a Medical Helpdesk, where he can seek medical advice.

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