Bishops pull Pope’s welcome mat out from Gays and Divorcees: Editorial cartoon |

The AP reported Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier of South Africa, protested that the first draft offering a warmer welcome was the work of one or two people.   He said that  made the Bishops “very angry”.     I believe those “two people”  are Pope Francis and Jesus of Nazareth.

via Bishops pull Pope’s welcome mat out from Gays and Divorcees: Editorial cartoon |

Racism, Bigotry and Anarchy: How My Hometown Is Breeding ISIS

Wish again that there was a noted button and not just a like button. The behavior of self-appointed protectors is always about them overcoming their weakness and fear, not reality. Like extremists who believe God is so weak that God needs small minded fools for protection.

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Welcome to Ebrine

The sign says: welcome to Ebrine. Huddled on a bunch of hills east of Batroun, my hometown is considered as one of the area’s largest. It is Maronite by excellence. The sign could have also said welcome to Maronistan and you’d still be within realms of accuracy.

Growing up, I never truly fit there but I liked it nonetheless. It was peaceful, serene, had amazing scenery and, at the time, I thought it provided everything that I needed. Little did I know that a whole spectrum existed beyond the realms of those 7 hills, 2000 voters and dozen Churches.

My hometown has also lately become a hub where Syrian refugees and workers have aggregated in substantial numbers, or at least as substantial a number can be to tick off the brains of townsfolk that I had thought were kind. I was wrong.

The argument went: “if those Syrians got slingshots…

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