New exhibit highlights struggle of Lebanese of African and Asian heritage

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Renee Abi Saad from Jisr Qade Renee Abi Saad from Jisr Qade

Students from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and Hamra goers might have noticed the Mixed Feelings exhibition telling the story of Lebanese of African and Asian heritage and their daily struggles. The project, which will tour Lebanon, is the brainchild of Lebanese Nigerian artist and activist Nisreen Kaj and Polish photographer Marta Bogdanska and has involved several key members of Lebanon’s civil society as well as several NGOs in highlighting the oft-ignored daily realities of those among us who have an African or Asian parent. Mixed Feelings, explained in detail below, is a collection of 33 photos of those Lebanese accompanied by quotes touching on the subjects of ‘race’, racism, ‘othering’, racialization and national belonging. The following piece was written by both Marta and Nisreen and comprises of the answers they gave to questions sent to them by email.

Introducing Marta and…

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