Anti-right to work moment has passed in Michigan?

“They have the issues on their side, in right to work and other attacks on union rights. If they can’t motivate their members now, they never will.”

What political observers are watching for but haven’t seen yet is evidence that labor is constructing coordinated absentee ballot and get out the vote drives.

If it’s happening, it’s not as visible as it has been in past elections, although there’s certainly time for such efforts to emerge between now and Nov. 4.

To remain politically relevant, labor must not only sway the race for governor, but also the legislative campaigns. It was Republican lawmakers, after all, who passed right to work. If big labor can’t use its muscle to punish anti-union legislators in Michigan, of all places, why would lawmakers anywhere be afraid to take up similar measures?

It’s an overstatement to call this labor’s last stand. But unions did promise to hang right to work around GOP necks in 2014, and so far they haven’t delivered.

via Anti-right to work moment has passed.