Japan PM sends offerings to war shrine | News , World | THE DAILY STAR

The Yasukuni Shrine honors war criminals, including wartime leader Hideki Tojo, among the 2.5 million war dead. Many Asian victims of Japan’s wartime atrocities, especially China and the Koreas, see the shrine as a symbol of militarism.

Abe last visited Yasukuni in December, triggering anger from China and South Korea.

On Friday, Abe sent a set of Shinto-style “masakaki” ornaments on the occasion marking the shrine’s Oct. 17-20 autumn festival, one of three major events when Japan’s conservatives typically pray there.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Abe made the gesture as a private citizen based on his personal belief.

A group of 110 lawmakers and 80 aides prayed at the shrine for the war dead. None of the Cabinet members has showed up so far Friday, though Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Sanae Takaichi told reporters Thursday that she would go. Yauhisa Shiozaki, minister of health, labor and welfare, offered religious ornaments similar to Abe’s.

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Meshaal calls on Muslims to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque

He added, “Al-Aqsa is worth us becoming martyrs for, and anyone who can carry a weapon in the region should go and defend it, as this is the true meaning of jihad.”

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Trying to light fuse to violence without being at risk himself and trying to be tough guy, when what is needed is leader guy.

Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts > AMS Health Sciences, LLC Issues Voluntary Recall of Saba Shark Cartilage Complex, 60 Capsule Bottles Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

AMS Health Sciences, LLC is notifying the public that it is recalling 2014 bottles of Saba Shark Cartilage Complex due to possible contamination of Salmonella, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.

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Medical experts: vaccine urgently needed to stop UKIP epidemic

Pride's Purge


The UKIP epidemic – which many experts say is in danger of becoming out of control across the country – may not end until the world has found a vaccine against the debilitating disease, according to one of the scientists who discovered the xenophobic and highly-contagious virus.

Professor Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said there was a serious risk of the disease – which causes those affected to hemorrhage common sense and rationality from every orifice of their body – becoming an epidemic.

Something that is easy to control got completely out of hand,” said Piot, who was part of a team that identified the causes of the first outbreak of UKIP in Skegness in 2005, as well as the present serious outbreak centred around Clacton.

Other symptoms of the UKIP virus – which within days can cause those affected to be completely brain dead –  include severe narrowing of the…

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My 2 Cents….. – ‘Nurse may have had symptoms of Ebola longer than first thought’

Self-delusion and denial are as strong as facing the music and getting on with it!

The Last Of The Millenniums

2 cents

taking away health care

‘Amber Vinson was hospitalized Tuesday, one day after she took a
Frontier flight from Cleveland to Dallas’.

‘Tests later found that Vinson — who was among those who cared for
Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the
United States, at Dallas’ Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital — had

‘Authorities indicated Vinson had a slightly elevated temperature of
99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which was below the fever threshold for
Ebola, but didn’t show any symptoms of the disease while on her
Monday flight’.

‘This is significant because a person isn’t contagious with Ebola,
which spreads through the transmission of bodily fluids, until he or
she has symptoms of the disease’.

‘But on Thursday, Dr. Chris Braden of the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention told reporters in Ohio that “we have started to look
at the possibility that she had symptoms going back as far as
Saturday. ……

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When black women die from street harassment

You’ve read this piece before. You’ve read it a dozen times over. I’ve written it before. I could have written it a dozen times over. It’s the piece where someone complains about how little outrage there is surrounding something which deeply affects them, and then the reader is left to wonder, “Well, if it means that much to you, what are YOU doing about it?” You may have written that piece before. And we keep writing them because I don’t think any of us are quite sure what to do.

Where black women are concerned, we aren’t just talking about mounting the evils of misogyny, or even racism. We compete with the sacrifices black women make for their community.

I understand that there’s an impulse to not make black men the faces of street harassment, given all of the ideas that already exist around black male hypersexuality, as well as the disproportionate amount of police violence that black men face as the result of the constant criminalization of behaviors associated with black men. But black women have been allowed to suffer too much for the protection of black men. They have paid with their lives.

And here I am, writing another blog post wondering why no one seems to care.

Street harassment is vile. It makes women feel unsafe in public. But when black women die because we have failed to teach boys and men to keep their thoughts and hands to themselves, that they are not entitled to the sexual attention of any and every woman, or that their attempts at proving their masculinity through verbal and physical assaults on women are failures, the concern fades before it has a chance to actually surface. Black women are expected to keep sacrificing.

Who cries when black women die? Nobody. No damn body.

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Anti-right to work moment has passed in Michigan?

“They have the issues on their side, in right to work and other attacks on union rights. If they can’t motivate their members now, they never will.”

What political observers are watching for but haven’t seen yet is evidence that labor is constructing coordinated absentee ballot and get out the vote drives.

If it’s happening, it’s not as visible as it has been in past elections, although there’s certainly time for such efforts to emerge between now and Nov. 4.

To remain politically relevant, labor must not only sway the race for governor, but also the legislative campaigns. It was Republican lawmakers, after all, who passed right to work. If big labor can’t use its muscle to punish anti-union legislators in Michigan, of all places, why would lawmakers anywhere be afraid to take up similar measures?

It’s an overstatement to call this labor’s last stand. But unions did promise to hang right to work around GOP necks in 2014, and so far they haven’t delivered.

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