Stepping Forward From Jaipur

Wow – what a story – I don’t have the cash to help but maybe someone who sees this post will help.


I have taken a step sideways from usual (long winded) story telling and bring to my reader’s attention a project that is in urgent need of some support.

Ask any Hollywood Producer and he will confirm the age old dictum of “never put your own money into a film”  well, a film maker friend of mine, Christine Booth has done just that.  For the past five years she has been traveling from the UK to India at her own expense to film the work of a very special clinic in Jaipur.  She began a “kick starter” campaign to secure the final funds needed to do all the post production on her remarkable documentary, adding the music, recording a voice over, colour adjustments and grading etc.

The Story:

Forty five years ago in Rajasthan, a young Indian Government officer, Devendra Raj Mehta, suffered a near-fatal car crash. Among other injuries, his…

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