Liars for profit! Not the nurses but the headline writers! U.S. Nurses Say They Are Unprepared To Handle Ebola Patients

{Really!?! – all the nurses in the United States told “un-news” reporters that they are unprepared! Bull! But meant to sell ads, scare people and shame on them for such lies! There are 2,724,570 Registered Nurses in US and they all said this? Not!}

Nurses, the frontline care providers in U.S. hospitals, say they are untrained and unprepared to handle patients arriving in their hospital emergency departments infected with Ebola.

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Launched: Organic October and the #maketheswitch micro campaign


Green Drinks has just launched Organic October, a month of celebrating healthy living and encouraging Singapore residents to reduce their toxic load by choosing organic products for personal wellbeing and health of the planet.

Organic October runs alongside Breast Cancer Awareness month to further highlight the dangers of toxins in the environment, and retailers of organic beauty and lifestyle products and services have prepared promotions for the month-long campaign.

In addition, we have launched a bold microcampaign titled “Make the Switch” to encourage a change in consumer behaviour. Through our shareable photo campaign, some individuals will be outing some well known brands and products for its not so natural ingredients, and sharing how they have made the switch to safer products. For the duration of October, Singaporeans can Make The Switch by swapping their non-natural/organic product for a discount on an equivalent product at participating outlets.


So far, here is a list…

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Gaza is more than piles of destruction.

Dalia AlNajjar

One of my dearest friends wishes if she can understand how  living in Gaza feels.

Well, it feels everything and nothing all at once, it’s absolute sereneness,

peaceful whiteness, whiteness could mean nothing to some however if you mixed all the colors in the universe you will get back to whiteness _ everything.

Gaza's sea photo by: Mohamed Zarandah Gaza’s sea
photo by: Mohamed Zarandah

We felt and feel all the known feelings and a little more, we felt happiness to every ceasefire, when the nightmare ended and when we survived.

It was fake happiness, some may I ask and yes need I answer. Nonetheless, fake or fakeless, it felt sort of goodness.

Goodness in badness, sun rays breaking through heavy murky gray clouds of December.

We were worried all the time and we still, you can clearly see the letters (w,o,r,r,y) sneaking around our eyeballs. Yet we are stuffed with hope, really. We exhale it…

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