UKIP about to announce ban on 1970s rock music? Speculation mounts.

A _ilent “s?”

Pride's Purge

(Satire? Or the UKIP?)

Political pundits are speculating that the UKIP are considering banning crap 1970s rock music in Britain.

The rumours come after this UKIP graffiti appeared yesterday outside a primary school in Manchester:

ukip foreigner out

Obviously some people got the wrong end of the stick and thought this was proof of racism in the ranks of the UKIP membership.

But as we all know Ukippers are not at all racist. And anyway, the graffiti clearly refers to ‘Foreigner’, not ‘Foreigners’.

Foreigner OUT!

Toto OUT!

Van Halen OUT!

Aerosmith OUT!

If the rumours are true – it’s a vote winner for sure.


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