Nick Clegg bends when kept in Cameron’s back pocket, buyers claim

Pride's Purge


Several people who bought Nick Clegg’s promises at the last election are claiming that the leader of the Liberal Democrats is prone to becoming bent when carried in his coalition partner’s pocket.

Some dissatisfied Lib Dem voters have posted photos on social media sites that appear to show Mr Clegg bent and warped out of all recognition after being carried around for over 4 years in David Cameron’s back trouser pocket.

It is not yet clear if it is Mr Clegg’s new ministerial outer covering that is making him particularly vulnerable to being bent.

Experts say the Liberal Democrats should offer compensation if it emerged that there had been a “faulty batch” of Lib Dem pledges, and the party should also be prepared to replace its broken promises to any dissatisfied voters who bought them.

But Chris Green, principal technology analyst at the advisory service Davies Murphy Group, thought that the Liberal Democrats should take a different tack:

This just illustrates the fact…

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