FDA warns three companies against marketing their products as Ebola treatments or cures – The Washington Post


Written by a paid consultant (referred to as a “member”) for Young Living, the post goes on to tout the possible benefits of a few oils sold by the company: “The Higley Essential Oil Reference guide mentions that the Ebola Virus can not live in the presence of cinnamon bark (this is in Thieves) nor Oregano. I would definitely add those two oils to whatever I was using.”

It adds: “I pray we don’t have to hear about this virus coming to the U.S. but if you travel outside of our country or know someone who goes to Africa or lives in Africa, maybe you could send them a care package of Young Living essential oils!”

via FDA warns three companies against marketing their products as Ebola treatments or cures – The Washington Post.

Bundeswehr signs up 2,000 to fight Ebola in West Africa | News | DW.DE | 24.09.2014

On Wednesday, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen announced that 2,000 German soldiers had volunteered for duty in Africa to aid in the battle against Ebola. The deadliest outbreak on record has infected almost 6,000 people in West Africa and killed nearly half of them, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

via Bundeswehr signs up 2,000 to fight Ebola in West Africa | News | DW.DE | 24.09.2014.

In Venezuela, doctor flees after being accused of terrorism amid fever outbreak

Hiding your failures or blaming them on others will not stem the deaths – how long before the liar has to find a new lair?

Repeating Islands

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This article by Lizzie Wade appeared in sciencemag.org. Here’s an excerpt. For the full report follow the link below.

Eleven days after news broke that an unknown disease had killed eight people in the city of Maracay, Venezuela, doctors have concluded that the deaths were caused by chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus. Meanwhile, Ángel Sarmiento, the doctor who first announced the deaths, has fled the country after being accused of terrorism by President Nicolás Maduro.

Although officials initially speculated that the deaths were caused by an unknown hemorrhagic fever, six of the eight original fatalities tested positive for chikungunya when samples were analyzed in nongovernmental labs, says Julio Castro, the health minister of the municipality of Sucre and a professor in the Institute of Tropical Medicine at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). “We don’t think these deaths are due to an unknown or rare disease,” he told ScienceInsider, adding…

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Turkey and the US led anti-IS coalition: Ankara is doing more than People Think

Turkey Wonk: Nuclear and Political Musings in Turkey and Beyond

My apologies. I am traveling this week and don’t have time to write a proper post. However, I wanted to get a few thoughts on paper about Turkey’s role in the US led anti-IS air campaign in Syria and Iraq.

Turkey’s policy vis-à-vis ISIS has always been relatively clear. Ankara has not supported the group and has thought of it as a terror organization for 1.5 years. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, for example, has criticized Sayyid Qutb’s ideology and believes that his understanding of Islam is incorrect. Davutoglu, who is the architect of Turkish foreign policy, argues that Qutb’s understanding of Islam is too heavily influenced by Western political theories. These theories, he argues, are incongruent with the concept of Dar al Islam, which is a  better source of political legitimacy in the Arab/Muslim world. Thus, any suggestions that the AKP supports IS because of an overlap in religious points…

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Nick Clegg bends when kept in Cameron’s back pocket, buyers claim

Pride's Purge


Several people who bought Nick Clegg’s promises at the last election are claiming that the leader of the Liberal Democrats is prone to becoming bent when carried in his coalition partner’s pocket.

Some dissatisfied Lib Dem voters have posted photos on social media sites that appear to show Mr Clegg bent and warped out of all recognition after being carried around for over 4 years in David Cameron’s back trouser pocket.

It is not yet clear if it is Mr Clegg’s new ministerial outer covering that is making him particularly vulnerable to being bent.

Experts say the Liberal Democrats should offer compensation if it emerged that there had been a “faulty batch” of Lib Dem pledges, and the party should also be prepared to replace its broken promises to any dissatisfied voters who bought them.

But Chris Green, principal technology analyst at the advisory service Davies Murphy Group, thought that the Liberal Democrats should take a different tack:

This just illustrates the fact…

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